Sanders Defends Being a Radical Socialist After Criticism from Biden

Saying that Bernie Sanders is a radical socialist is as obvious as stating that humans need oxygen to breathe. Sanders is presently running to become the next president of the United States; however, he has to first get through the primaries before going on to face President Trump in the general election. Like many other members of his party, Sanders believes that radical far-leftism is the winning strategy.

However, not all candidates share this outlook. Former vice president and current frontrunner Joe Biden believes that Sanders’ progressive values will not win a general election. Earlier this week, Biden noted that when Democrats are victorious in general elections, their candidates are moderates. Sanders is as far from moderate as the east is from the west, something which Biden used in order to explain why he believes his centrist-like stance is the Democrats’ best shot at a 2020 victory.

Reviewing Sanders’ Response to Biden

Naturally, Sanders had something to say after Biden’s criticism of progressivism. In a tweet, Sanders noted how “proud” he is to be working with House caucus member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats. Furthermore, Sanders opined that progressive policies are, in fact, the best route to defeating President Trump in the general election.

In Sanders’ own words:

The Alternate Reality Which Progressives Live In

To say that progressives live in an alternate reality would be a massive understatement. What’s truly amazing is the fact that this particular wing of the Democrat Party maintains that radical leftism is the way to go about winning a general election. It’s interesting because this train of thought speaks volumes to just how disconnected and out of touch progressives truly are.

Imagine believing that Americans want to be forcibly booted from their private healthcare. Imagine thinking that hardworking people want to have their livelihoods uprooted for the sake of an inane Green New Deal and lose more money to taxes in order to fund free healthcare for illegal immigrants and reparations for people who were never enslaved.

This is sad and anyone looking at matters from a truly objective standpoint is able to recognize that radical, extremely left reform will not pull in the voters needed to win a general election. Once again, Democrats are going to lose an election and then spend another four years blaming President Trump and wondering what happened.

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