Sanders Claims Media is Out to Get Him

The mainstream media has a deeply established pattern of siding with members of the Democrat Party and other left-wingers. We’ve all seen this pattern throughout the 2016 presidential election and since President Trump has been in office. The press repeatedly puts out stories which are incomplete, untrue and biased; then, they sit around and act shocked when they get called fake news.

However, despite the media’s proven and ongoing bias in Democrats’ favor, 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders believes that the media is out to get him. Per reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation, the Sanders 2020 campaign sent out an email to their supporters which accuses the press of intentionally refusing to cover Sanders as a presidential candidate.

Bernie Sanders for President by Phil Roeder, on Flickr

Bernie Sanders for President” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Now, this is interesting because whenever President Trump has called out the mainstream media for poor journalism, he’s been attacked by left-wingers as dangerous and anti-First Amendment; yet, it’s apparently not a problem for Sanders to complain when the media isn’t doing what he wants them to do.


Investigating the Claims of the Sanders 2020 Campaign

The email that Sanders’ supporters received came from Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ manager. Throughout the email, Shakir accuses the press of engaging in a so-called “Bernie Blackout” and effectively refusing to cover polls which show Sanders leading. As you imagine, this simply isn’t accurate.

As a matter of fact, throughout the 2020 election, the media has repeatedly pushed polls which alleged that various Democrats candidates would defeat President Trump. Nevertheless, Sanders’ brand as a politician depends upon making himself out to be a martyr and pretending to care for the working class; this email to supporters merely furthers the narrative which Sanders relies upon.

In Shakir’s email to Bernie Sanders’ supporters, he bemoans that “national news” ensues when unfavorable details about the campaign come to light. He goes on to accuse the press of “gleefully” claiming that the Sanders campaign is no more; next, Skakir states that whenever Sanders is leading in a poll, it’s not covered.

Consistent Problems with Running for President

There a pattern with Bernie Sanders; his attempts to become the next president of the United States generally don’t work out so well for him. In 2016, the DNC infamously colluded with Hillary Clinton and worked behind the scenes to ensure that Sanders would never get the Democrat nomination; the massive amount of superdelegates awarded to Clinton very early on in the process also significantly played a role in Sanders’ 2016 demise.

Bernie Sanders at Roosevelt High School by Phil Roeder, on Flickr

Bernie Sanders at Roosevelt High School” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Now, in the primary season of this 2020 election, Sanders thinks the press is out to get him. That’s one possibility. Another possibility is that Sanders’ campaign is realizing that their far-left, socialist policies won’t bode well in a general election. As such, they must rally up Democrat voters in a different manner, namely by pretending to be the victim of a convoluted, evil press.

This really is the type of narrative that Sanders would promote, despite its shallowness and transparency.

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