Sanders Campaign Takes a Nosedive, Blames Media

For quite some time, conservatives have pointed out that the policies which 2020 Democrats are running on are simply not sustainable. As the 2020 presidential election goes on, many candidates are feeling the cold slap of reality.

One of those candidates just so happens to be self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ campaign is not only known for its radical policies, but also its scandals. Weeks ago, Americans learned that Sanders has been paying his staffers poverty wages whilst campaigning on a $15.00 per hour federal minimum wage. One of Sanders’ staffers also recently came under fire for getting violent with a journalist at the Iowa State Fair.

Now, the presidential candidate is blaming the media for reporting that his presidential campaign is struggling, as documented by Fox News.

Why is the Sanders Campaign Struggling?

In a nutshell, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is having a rough time as a result of poor policies, scandals, and slipping poll numbers. Contrary to what Sanders may have convinced himself to believe, most people in this country do not want what he is proudly standing behind and supporting.

This includes losing more money to taxes and increasing the government’s role in healthcare, employment options, higher education, and so much more. Government tends to do well when it’s small, but socialists like Bernie Sanders want to give government an all-encompassing role in every American citizen’s life.

The reports that Sanders has been paying his campaign staffers next to nothing while he campaigns to raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour hasn’t helped his cause either. It’s just another example of left-wing hypocrisy; finally, when Americans noted that Sanders is not practicing what he preaches, he said that he would increase his staffers’ minimum wage…with the caveat of reducing their hours.

This is precisely what conservatives have said would happen across the nation if the federal minimum wage goes up, but Sanders doesn’t care. He lives by one set of ruling with pointing the finger at this nation and expecting Americans to abide by different standards.

The Harsh Sting of Reality

Sanders campaign will likely continue to sink between now and the third presidential debate. Of course, he’s been pulling out all stops to save his standing in this election, but it’s not panning out very well. It seems as though higher-ups in the Democrat Party, for all their talk of progressivism, don’t truly want Sanders to serve as the nominee for their party in 2020.

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