San Francisco Looting Spree – Everything You Need to Know

Widespread looting in San Francisco’s main Union Square on Friday afternoon prompted police to restrict car entrance to the square. This is the city’s focal point and among the most popular tourist places along the cable car line.

Three Nights of Looting

A Lululemon shop in the San Jose area was looted for the third-night consecutively, marking the third night a business in the region has been destroyed. According to KPIX, the individuals came to the business at 6:30 p.m., stole items, and then escaped.

When officials came, the suspects were nowhere to be found. Law enforcement was unable to provide any additional information on the incident.

On Saturday, a big group of individuals robbed a Nordstrom in the city of Walnut Creek in the local Bay Area, according to Breitbart News. About 9:00 p.m., the incident occurred.

A neighboring PF Chang’s supervisor informed ABC 7 of the event. “We probably saw 50 to 80 people with black masks, hatchets, and a plethora of weaponry.”

“Right here, they were stealing Nordstrom’s. I was afraid they were going to start stomping on automobiles. I had no choice but to start shutting doors. I locked both the front and back doors.”

This Was a Coordinated Attack

Even before looters wreaked havoc in the department store, drivers allegedly shut off surrounding streets. According to NBC Bay Area correspondent Jodi Hernandez, about 25 automobiles were blocking the route.

Before rushing away, the thieves brought stuff to the vehicles. A police spokesperson said in a statement to NBC that 80 individuals trashed the Broadway Plaza Nordstrom shop, pepper-sprayed one worker, and beat or kicked two others.

The looting rampage of high-end Union Square shops in San Francisco was revealed by Breitbart News on Friday. Union Square is a popular tourist attraction in the city’s central business district.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, premium businesses, such as Louis Vuitton, as well as Yves Saint Laurent, were targeted by thieves. A shoplifter rushing with a pile of laundry while wearing a mask on both the top and bottom parts of their face is seen in one video tweeted by @StanleyRoberts.

Another individual is seen attempting to get into their automobile, apparently to depart the scene, when authorities crowded the vehicle. As per the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Mayor London Breed acknowledged Friday night’s chaos on Saturday.

Breed said, “What you have seen last night was horrific. That’s something we can’t expect to happen. You will be made responsible if you travel to our city to conduct these sorts of crimes.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Chachas remarked, “The mayor and her entire crew should quit. You can’t truly run a retail business if you have to board up the glass five weeks before the most important selling season of the year.”