Russian Torture Chamber With Yanked-Out Gold Teeth Found in Liberated Ukraine Town

(Ukrainian security service photo showing the yanked out gold teeth.)

The latest horrifying Russian war crime discovery in one of Ukraine’s newly liberated towns is a torture chamber.

This chamber is complete with a bucket of gold teeth ripped from the mouths of the wretched victims of Putin’s brutes, as defenders of Ukraine are continuing to crush the Russian invaders.

Russians’ Torture Chambers Popping Up All Over Liberated Parts of Ukraine

Numerous torture chambers and other torture facilities used by Russian invaders to extract information or just terrorize civilians and military personnel alike have been discovered.

The discovery of the torture facility comes against the backdrop of mutinying mobilized Russian units in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine.

They have been outraged by the “animal-like” conditions in which they were placed a couple of weeks after Putin set out to mobilize 1.2 million men.

The bloody Moscow dictator’s invasion of Ukraine has been a resounding catastrophe, with more than 14,500 units of Russian military equipment destroyed and over 160,000 Russian casualties (dead, wounded, captured, or missing).

At least 61,000 Russian military personnel and 40,000 mercenary and proxy fighters used by the Putin regime are estimated to have been killed in the 7.5 months of war so far.

(Ukraine security services’ photo shows a gas mask the Russians used for torturing Ukrainians.)

Local Dentist Recognizes the Teeth

The discovery of the Russian torture chamber in the town of Pisky-Rad’kivs’ki was revealed on Wednesday by Ukrainian officials, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The most shocking find in the torture facility is an entire bucket filled with forcibly extracted gold teeth, dentures, caps, and fillings. These seem to have been pulled out of the months of the victims who were tortured there.

According to the Kharkiv region’s chief investigator, Serhii Bolvinov, the neighbors living near the “terrible” torture chamber “constantly heard screams” from it.

He said locals told Ukrainian police that Russians would bury alive local torture victims. One torture device found at the site is a gas mask containing a smoldering rag, which caused the victims forced to wear it to suffocate.

Besides the box of yanked-out gold dentures, the investigator also discovered a dildo.

A subsequent report by the German newspaper Bild showed the town dentist who testified that he recognized a great many of the gold teeth and dentures that he himself equipped his patients with.

His testimony suggests the teeth were yanked out of the mouths of locals who were tortured and likely killed, and whose corpses are yet to be found.

After the liberation of Izyum in early September, the Ukrainian defenders discovered mass graves in a nearby forest containing hundreds of bodies each.

As of Thursday, Ukrainian forces were continuing their push against the Russian invaders in two key regions at both ends of the 800-mile frontline.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.