Russia Could Destroy the International Space Station

On Monday, Russia’s military shot down a satellite in orbit. This is the first time the country demonstrated the capacity to take down satellites by using weapons developed on the ground.

This is so dangerous

“On Nov. 15, 2021, Moscow Normal Time, Russia launched a direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) rocket.

This rocket damaged a Russian spacecraft [COSMOS 1408] and produced a wreckage field in low-Earth orbit,” the US Space Force said in a release.

“So far, the experiment produced almost 1,500 pieces of personally identifiable orbital debris, with hundreds and thousands of pieces of lesser orbital junk expected.”

The operation demonstrated a “clear disrespect for the protection, security, stability, and long-term viability of the space domain for all countries,” according to US Army Gen. James Dickinson, head of US Space Force.

According to Dickinson, the strike’s remaining debris will represent a threat to space exploration for years, if not decades. Meanwhile, multiple efforts will be required to avert collisions.

“Russia is building and implementing technologies to aggressively deny the United States and its allies and collaborators entrance to and use of space,” Dickinson added.

“Russia’s testing of direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles shows the country is still working on counter space missile systems. These systems threaten strategic stability and constitute a threat to all states.”

“We denounce Russia’s irresponsible testing of a forceful anti-satellite missile against one’s own spacecraft.”

“We denounce Russia creating space junk that threatens astronauts’ lives, the stability of the Space Station, and the security of all countries,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a release.

This adds to the list of hostile acts by Russia

The test came as Russia upped its hostility on a number of fronts in recent months, including a military escalation near the Ukrainian border.

GOP Sen. Rob Portman chastised the Biden administration earlier in the month, urging it to do more to oppose Russian aggression, particularly after restrictions on a Russian pipeline were eased.

Once President Biden announced the federally mandated restrictions on Nord Stream 2 would be lifted, Russia exploited its sources of energy as a tool to demand geopolitical compromises and put enormous pressure on Ukrainians.

Even though Russia expanded anthracite shipments to Asia and other European nations, Russia also ordered a halt to anthracite shipments to Ukraine on October 29.

Due to higher-than-expected demand and weaker domestic output, Ukraine’s stock of heating resources is already depleted.

The decision by the Biden government to let Nord Stream 2 go live has clearly permitted Russia to use energy as a weapon.

Now, the situation is only going to get much worse, as Russia’s share of the market in European gas sales has risen to more than 1/3.

While Ukraine has been on the frontlines of Russian corrupting influence, this is a problem that affects the entire European Union.