Rumors Surface of Tension Between Trump, Pence

"The 2019 White House Congressional Picni" (Public Domain) by The White House

The ongoing disputes centering around the 2020 race for the White House have engendered considerable political friction. This friction exists between Republicans vs. Democrats and even within various factions of the GOP.
Multiple Republicans have declared their willingness to do all that is humanly possible to resist a fraudulent election. Meanwhile, other GOP members seem resigned and convinced that the race is over and that Biden will become the next president of the United States.

“White House Coronavirus Update Briefing” (Public Domain) by The White House

Some conservatives are therefore calling on their fellow party members to fight harder. President Trump himself has even admonished Republicans who he views as failing to properly fight a rigged, sham election.
Amid all this discord and tension within the GOP, there are now rumors of friction between President Trump and Vice President Pence, according to Washington Examiner.

Trump vs. Pence?

Reports have surfaced that Trump would like to see the vice president take stronger and more precise action to prevent a Biden presidency. Before retweeting a call for Vice President Pence to stop the Senate from certifying Biden’s professed victory, the president convened with Pence in the Oval Office for roughly one hour.

As the Senate’s president, the vice president is going to oversee the certification process next Wednesday. Additional reports have asserted that Pence has attempted to tell Trump that even as president of the Senate, Pence cannot ratify or dismiss the Electoral College’s votes for Biden.
Neither the president nor the vice president has publicly spoken out about the rumors of a strained relationship. However, some Americans have predicted that President Trump will be keeping a close eye on congressional proceedings come January 6.

Not Giving Up

Multiple congressional Republicans have already affirmed their decisions to contest the official certification of the Electoral College’s votes. This move is something that certain Republicans have already spoken out against; however, Trump loyalists are committed to pushing back against an unfair and fraudulent election.
President Trump has made sure to speak approvingly of Republicans who are committed to fighting until the bitter end; he’s also called for GOP members who are not doing so to start fighting. Day ago, the president tweeted out that if Democrats lost an election to fraud and rigging, they wouldn’t roll over and take it.
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