Rudy Giuliani Speaks Up on the Soros-Funded DAs

In last week’s interview with Newsmax, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani touched on the topic of George Soros, a financier who’s recently been quite the hot topic, due to his funding of many left-leaning district attorneys in blue states.

According to Giuliani, people in Democrat-run cities are getting killed because of these prosecutors choosing not to do their jobs. They’re letting almost every violent criminal off the hook, so long as they belong to a minority group.

Democrat cities are becoming uninhabitable

Despite him basically bringing the city back to its former glory, Giuliani’s policies have now been reversed by both DeBlasio and Adams. The Soros-backed attorneys are making it all possible.

Unfortunately, this problem extends far past just New York. Soros has got his fingers in more than a few Democratic cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and many, many more.

You may have noticed a pattern there too, as each and every one of those cities has become a safe haven for criminals. Crime rates have surged to never-before-seen heights, especially since Joe’s been in office.

Giuliani claimed we’re dealing with a national-level crisis and Alvin Bragg may just be the worst DA yet, seeing as he’s made some major contributions to NYC’s growing crime rates.

Alvin Bragg needs to set his priorities straight

Data shows that Bragg’s office effectively reduced more than 50% of all the felonies committed in his district to mere misdemeanors, meaning there are practically nine thousand extra criminals out on the streets of New York.

This crime wave was created solely by Bragg. It’s already reflected in the city, as violent crime has spiked and people are already giving up on the city, abandoning it before it’s too late for them.

On top of all of that, Bragg is now pursuing a case against former President Trump, attempting to indict him on what Giuliani believes is a non-indictment no matter what angle you’re looking at it from.

Giuliani said he’s looking forward to the Judiciary Committee hearing that’s been set to happen this week. It’s bound to reveal Soros’ involvement in the justice systems of not just New York, but a number of cities across the US.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.