Roughly 33% of Americans Feel Stressed Out by Politics

Whenever you turn on the media, there’s some form of conflict or insanity happening at some place in the world. This is dramatically amplified when you look through the political events which are presently happening in the United States. Democrats continue their shameless witch hunts against the president; left-wing media outlets continue to trash conservatives and the division which progressives pretend to be against just gets worse and worse.

In the wake of various mass shootings, there’s been a fair amount of talk about mental health in America. Many individuals have hypothesized that the media can have an impact on individuals’ mental states and it looks like they’re correct. A new survey conducted by PLOS One found that almost 33% of Americans feel stressed out when faced with updates about the current political climate.

A Closer Look at How Americans Feel About Politics

There’s no denying that certain individuals are experiencing negative impacts due to politics or their manner of processing what’s happening in the political world. PLOS One’s survey additionally shows that 20% of people have fractured platonic relationships due to political disagreements and another 20% reportedly experience fatigue, due to the current political climate.

This survey gets even more interesting though. Findings furthermore show that 29.3% have “lost their temper” due to politics. 22.1% feel too invested in the winners and losers of elections, whereas 31.8% believe that exposure to news channels which they don’t find to be agreeable is making them “crazy.” 11.5% even stated that the current state of political affairs has adversely impacted their physical health.

Political scientist Kevin Smith also weighed in with his own thoughts on the PLOS One survey and what it means for the country:

“Politics is really negatively affecting a lot of people’s lives, or at least, they’re perceiving that politics is really negatively affecting their lives in deep and meaningful ways. Stress is a real phenomenon that can have disastrous health effects. If politics is a significant contributor to the levels of stress that American adults are experiencing, then yeah, it makes sense that there’s a real add-on health effect from that.”

Where Do We Go From Here?

In all honesty, things don’t look too great for people who are genuinely experiencing real mental, emotional and physical health issues as a result of politics. The insanity happening in the political world is not going to die down anytime soon. With the 2020 election season upon us, and after the stunt that Democrats pulled last week regarding the bogus impeachment inquiry into President Trump, things are just heating up.

If certain folks have truly reached a point which leaves them unable to deal with politics while remaining healthy and sane, turning off the news might be the best course of action moving forward. It’s going to be a pretty wild ride from here.

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