Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Makes a Critical Promise

The 2024 presidential election continues to take one fascinating turn after the next. For quite some time, most of the action and candidacy declarations were occurring on the right. However, Americans are now learning a little bit about what Democrats have planned for 2024.

Last week, news broke that Joe Biden will soon confirm his run for reelection. Ahead of that, America also learned that spiritual guru Marianne Williamson will take another crack at securing the Democratic nomination. She ran for president, albeit unsuccessfully, back in 2020.

However, the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is truly turning heads and raising eyebrows, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at the Kennedy 2024 Campaign

As a presidential candidate, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy is promising to control an overzealous government and make sure that US foreign policy decisions being made are in keeping with America’s best interests.

When Kennedy announced his 2024 run for the Oval Office, he also slammed “woke bobbleheads” and sounded off on issues that both major parties in this country are responsible for causing.

In other words, Kennedy is not the average Democrat, especially by modern standards. His candidacy also means if Biden does decide to pursue reelection, he’s not going to necessarily be a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination.

A Breath of Fresh Air?

These days, many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum feel they’re not being heard or listened to by the country’s leaders. However, Kennedy’s rhetoric and focus in the presidential election stands out, greatly differing from others members of his party.

At the end of the day, time will tell whether or not Kennedy manages to secure the Democratic nomination. Currently, Biden doesn’t have a whole lot going for him. His record of leading as president is pretty weak and there’s plenty of subject matter to attack.

Meanwhile, a decent amount of the country is speaking highly of Kennedy and what he’s promising to bring to the table.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.