RNC Chairwoman Slams Biden Administration For Politicizing “Rainbow Fentanyl”

Regarding the politics of “rainbow fentanyl,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Breitbart News “Democrats do not concern themselves with the protection of our kids.”

Democrats Don’t Care About Children

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) authorities issued a warning last month about Mexican drug cartels’ practice of passing off “rainbow fentanyl” pills as sweets. This is done in order to lure children into using drugs as young as possible and increase their profits.

“Our youngsters are now on the forefront of a drug catastrophe because of Joe Biden’s open immigration policy,” McDaniel stated.  “Cartels and crooks are preying and taking advantage of Democrats’ carelessness by attacking our youngsters.”

Deathly “rainbow fentanyl” is a significant issue; yet, Joe Biden and Democrats prioritize politics over the protection of kids, rather than taking this problem seriously.

Parents, like herself, are “justifiably frightened” about “rainbow fentanyl,” according to McDaniel, a mother of two.

“Joe Biden’s inexcusable indifference is an affront to families and the many Americans who knew people who have died as a result of this dangerous substance.”

“At the polls in November, voters will be particularly focused on Biden’s border problem and the subsequent fentanyl issue,” she said.

All of this emerges after a Michigan Republican expressed her worries and fears about the risks of “rainbow fentanyl” on Fox News. Jimmy Kimmel then used her comments as fodder for a joke on his late-night show.

When the chairwoman brought up “rainbow fentanyl” being distributed to kids on Halloween, Kimmel tried to claim McDaniel was doing so to instill fear in Americans ahead of a crucial election.

Rainbow Fentanyl on the Rise

A report from the DEA warning of the “worrisome steady rise of colorful fentanyl accessible across the United States” was published last month.

The DEA reported in 18 states, its police departments found and captured brightly colored fentanyl.

As per the DEA memo: The media named the drug “rainbow fentanyl.” This would seem to be a new strategy being used by drug cartels to market extremely addictive and possibly fatal fentanyl to children and teenagers as candy.

Various forms of vividly colored fentanyl, such as pills, powder, and blocks that closely mimic sidewalk chalk, are being seized.

There is no evidence from DEA’s laboratory analysis that this is the case, despite assertions that some colors may be more impactful than others. Fentanyl comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which are exceedingly hazardous.

Drug traffickers intentionally make rainbow fentanyl in order to encourage dependency in children and young adults, according to DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.

In reality, the DOJ revealed last week that Severe Alelar, 25, and Oscar Flores, 34, both of Maryland, were indicted on many counts of fentanyl trafficking.

The two men were attempting to sell 15,000 fentanyl pills to a DEA agent working covertly.