Rioters Push to Defund Atlanta Police Department

"Coordination" (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

Members of the anti-police mob are popping up virtually everywhere in America now. Those who hate law enforcement and seek to do harm continue using the deaths of folks who die in police custody to push their own political agendas.
As calls to defund the police proceed, law enforcement officers are being placed in harm’s way. Some are resigning from their positions because it’s just not worth it anymore; others are being poisoned with bleach in their beverages like the three officers in New York City yesterday.

Now, the calls to defund police have arrived in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Breitbart News, demonstrators took to the streets yesterday and demanded the city to defund the Atlanta Police Department.

Assessing Calls to Defund the Atlanta Police Department

On Monday, demonstrators marched to the Atlanta City Hall and called for the defunding of the Atlanta police. Those in favor of defunding the police claimed that local officials should “put [their] money where [their] mouths are.” Signage at the event conveyed messages that “justice can’t wait.”
During this demonstration, individuals were given chances to make statements on the microphone. In doing so, they furthered the false narrative of black people’s lives being “snuffed out” by members of the law enforcement community.

The calls to defund the Atlanta Police Department arrive after the shooting of Rayshard Brooks. Brooks died after fighting police, snatching a taser from a police officer, and then subsequently fleeing the scene. Over the weekend, rioters gathered together and burned down the Wendys where this incident took place.
What do you make of the calls to defund the Atlanta Police Department? Do you believe that local officials will listen to the rioters or decline to defund the police? Don’t hold back your thoughts in the comments section below.