RFK Criticized for Wanting to Close the Southern Border and Opinions on Gun Violence

During one Twitter Spaces conversation on Monday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to Elon Musk, along with David Sacks, a venture capitalist, retired Democratic congressman Tulsi Gabbard, and others.

They discussed a number of the topics he believes need to dominate political discourse, leading up to the 2024 presidential election next year.

Democrats Attack RFK

Kennedy, a Democrat campaigning for president, faced criticism from the liberal media for promoting alleged “right-wing beliefs and falsehoods” in the conversation.

This Twitter Spaces reportedly had an excess of 64,000 listeners in attendance throughout the live broadcast and has since attracted an additional 1.8 million listeners.

The New York Times especially took issue with Kennedy’s stated wish to block the border connecting the United States and Mexico.

The publication also didn’t like the assertion that there exists a connection between gun violence and pharmaceutical medications, that COVID-19 was “undoubtedly a bioweapon,” or the condemnation of Democrats’ propensity for war.

Kennedy explained his position as a “constitutional absolutist.”

The 69-year-old son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy emphasized he is aware of the effects of violence with guns firsthand.

He also emphasized that the Supreme Court outlined the Second Amendment’s significance, which he believes can not be infringed upon.

Kennedy pointed out that further violations of the Second Amendment might be correctly viewed as “a component of an organized attack on our Bill of Rights.”

Kennedy is also recognizing that gun culture is deeply ingrained in rural areas across the country. Stripping away Americans’ weapons is not the correct course of action to take.

RFK Sees Reason

Kennedy stated although he was in favor of security-hardening procedures for educational institutions to prevent further school shootings, the actual solution requires comprehension of the true problem.

This isn’t guns. After all, there are no routine mass killings in other nations with comparable gun ownership rates.