Return to Normal Life Pitched to Voters at Trump Rally

"President Trump Travels to Arizona" (Public Domain) by The White House

To say that many Americans are ready to get back to normal is an understatement. This readiness has manifested in various forms; just a few examples include breaches of shutdown orders, lawsuits against mask mandates, and calls for leaders in power to reopen their communities.
President Trump and Joe Biden, both candidates running for the White House, offer very different visions for the future of America. While the 45th president maintains that America must keep reopening and will not be doing any more lockdowns, Biden believes precisely the opposite.

In fact, the Democrat candidate for president is on record stating that he’d lock down the country and mandate the COVID-19 vaccine if he won the White House.
Yesterday, President Trump spent time in Pennsylvania to campaign with his fans and supporters. During this rally, the president talked about the importance of a return to normal life, per Washington Examiner.

Making America Normal Again

Trump held yesterday’s campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. Speaking to an energetic and enthused crowd, the 45th president explained what the nation can expect with a second term of Trump.
The president maintains that under his leadership, normal life will “finally resume” for Americans. On a similar note, Trump also stated that 2021 will mark the best economic year in American history; for numerous Americans, a booming economy would be most welcome, especially after the financial hardship that so many folks have suffered as a result of lockdowns.
As Trump talked about normal life, his crowd of supporters cheered and clapped, signifying their agreement with the president.

The Policy Factor

A return to normal life is just part of what a second term of President Trump would entail.
During the additional time spent in Erie, the commander-in-chief vowed to keep jobs in the U.S., protect fracking from bans, uphold law and order, and much more.
The president also exposed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as liars for saying that they wouldn’t ban fracking; during the Erie rally, video footage played of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris openly stating that they’d prohibit fracking if they ascended to the presidency.
A return to normal life and the enactment of pro-America policies will be pivotal in getting this nation back on track; it will also make a significant difference in determining how and when the nation bounces back from the economic calamity caused by shutdowns.
Are you ready for a return to normal life? Will you be voting for President Trump in the 2020 presidential election? Let us know down below in the comments section.