Republicans Sue Texas Governor for Extending Early Voting Timeframe

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Over the course of 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has made several moves that landed him in the doghouse with his own party.
Despite being a Republican himself, Abbott has repeatedly imposed shutdowns upon Texas businesses and implemented a statewide mask mandate. For many conservatives, this goes against values like small government and individual liberty.

Republicans have shown interest in a safe return to work and continue to question the science behind Abbott’s decision to shutter establishments like bars and restaurants. The same situation applies when regarding the statewide mandate for Texans to wear face masks; in fact, after announcing this mandate, several Texas conservatives and Republicans openly censured their governor.
Now, Fox News reports that Abbott is facing a lawsuit from Texas Republicans for extending the timeframe for early voting.

Why Are Republicans Suing the Texas Governor?

The lawsuit against the Republican governor arrived yesterday following his decision to alter the start date for the Lone Star State’s early voting timeframe.
According to Texas Republicans, Abbott overstepped his bounds and is “[acting] as a king.” Furthermore, the lawsuit informs that the Texas Constitution is “a steadfast, uninterrupted charter of governmental structure” rather than one of “convenient consultation.”

The lawsuit goes on to accuse the Texas governor of forgetting the purpose of the state’s Constitution and failing to consult the Texas State Legislature before moving back the date for early voting.
Abbott, however, believes that the decision he made unilaterally will allow Lone Star State residents to vote in a manner which also permits the mitigation of COVID-19. Conservatives in Texas don’t seem to agree, though.

Voting Controversies in the 2020 Election

The lawsuit against the Texas governor serves as another segment in a much bigger debate regarding voting in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats have continued to argue that in-person voting isn’t safe (despite doing so themselves, like when Joe Biden went to the Delaware polls in person to vote in the state’s primary election). This false narrative has led to moves for mail-in voting and certain states across the nation approving ballot harvesting.
Ballot harvesting is even riper for fraud than mail-in voting; many Americans also have concerns that Democrats are using COVID-19 and other measures, such as ballot harvesting, to commit fraud and ultimately steal the 2020 presidential election from Trump.
What do you think about Texas Republicans suing their governor? Is the lawsuit justified and merited? Let us know down below in the comments section.