Republicans See Drop in Twitter Followers After Capitol Hill Attack

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11 days ago, Capitol Hill endured a fierce attack from some of President Trump’s supporters. The individuals who stormed the Capitol engendered the deaths of multiple police officers and civilians; they also destroyed public property, put other lives at risk, and caused immense harm to the GOP.

“The deadly Capitol Hill riots” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Now, many Republicans have come out and openly condemned the insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier this month; however, repeated condemnations from conservatives aren’t stopping Democrats from using the aforementioned mobbings to collectively fault the GOP. Republicans’ condemnations of the insurrection additionally didn’t stop the House from making Trump the only twice-impeached president in history.
The adverse impacts of Capitol Hill riots are still playing out to this very day. According to Newsmax, the insurrection caused multiple Republicans to lose Twitter followers.

A Loss of Social Media Support for Republicans

After January 6, Twitter conducted an online purge of individuals whose accounts they deemed as in violation of terms and service agreements. Folks most impacted by this Twitter purge were conservatives, right-wingers, and QAnon believers.
While three-quarters of Senate Republicans lost tens of thousands of Twitter followers, Democrats gained tens of hundreds of thousands; other Democrats, like Kamala Harris, gained millions.

The aforementioned shift comes amid already-existing concerns that big tech is intentionally censoring conservatives; it additionally coincides with Twitter permanently banning President Trump.

A Roadblock to Unity and Healing

Joe Biden continues to call for unity and healing (in between calling Republican senators Nazis); however, when Republicans are barred from social media and disproportionately harmed by social media censorship, this creates problems.
Many Republicans believe that the left’s talk about unity and healing are just codewords for complete submission from the GOP. The riots from 11 days ago only continue being used to further partisan division and alienate Americans from one another; suffice it to say, neither of these occurrences are in keeping with uniting Americans and healing the country.

Twitter has yet to release a statement regarding the disproportionate loss of followers that conservatives have experienced since the online purge. The company did, however, release comments on the permanent suspension of President Trump’s Twitter account.
What do you think about the massive loss of followers that Republicans have experienced since the insurrection on Capitol Hill? Are you surprised that Democrats have subsequently gained mass followers? Share your thoughts about these changes in the comments section below.