Republicans: Lack of Visitor Logs For Biden’s Delaware Visits is a “Bunch of Malarkey”

Republicans responded to the White House’s attempts to avoid answering inquiries about allegedly nonexistent visitor logs from President Biden’s Delaware residence.

Secret Service: Logs Do Not Exist

The Secret Service reported they have no information on the identity of visitors to the president’s house in Delaware, according to a recent New York Post investigation.

The White House sidestepped the inquiries and instead attacked the previous administration for how they handled their visitor’s logs.

According to GOP Rep. James Comer, who serves as a senior member on the House Oversight Committee, “the notion that there aren’t any visitor logs for President Biden’s Delaware property is a bunch of nonsense.”

Since taking office, “President Biden devoted a considerable amount of time in his Delaware home,” Comer claimed.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said, “The administration has consistently refused to address questions concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden’s knowledge of shady business deals, and discussions at Biden’s private refuge in Delaware.”

“In Joe Biden’s America, there are two sets of rules in operation: one for the extreme left and one for the remainder of the country.”

“What is the government holding back? When it comes to disclosing logs of private conversations with the president, citing privacy risks is one thing; denying the existence of these documents is quite another ” GOP Rep. Nancy Mace informed Fox News Digital.

Every person who interacts closely with the president in a professional or personal capacity is examined by the Secret Service, and a log “exists someplace,” according to Mace.

“The obvious lack of transparency and openness regarding concerns inside this administration,” according to GOP Rep. Pete Sessions, “does not fit the standards that President Biden established on January 20, 2021.”

According to The New York Post, it filed an appeal after requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act concerning who contacted the president at his residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach.

Based on the newspaper, Secret Service deputy director Faron Paramore stated in a recent letter on Sept. 27 that “the agency undertook an extended search of pertinent program offices for possibly responsive materials.”

No Records Found

The letter stated, “This search also generated no relevant records.  Consequently, your appeal is turned down.”

The refusal is the most recent in a string of events relating to Biden’s documents.

The office of then-Vice President Biden voiced fears about the University of Delaware’s conditions for the “deed of donation” for his Senate documents. This was found out in a March 2010 letter that Fox New Digital has read, citing potential political concerns.

The email continued by listing more parts that need approval, like “property ownership,” “the timing of archive processing and release of information,” “potential for approval prior to release,” and “scope.”