Republicans Confident in Regaining House Majority

"Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration" (Public Domain) by The White House

While the 2020 presidential election is at the forefront of politics, other elections play a pivotal role as well. At this time, both Republicans and Democrat alike are vying to either gain or maintain majorities in the House and the Senate.

Right now, Democrats have majority control in the House of Representatives, while Republicans control the Senate. As such, the GOP is eager to regain power in the House and expand in the Senate, whereas Democrats seek to expand their power in the House and resume majority control of the Senate.
As it currently stands, the Republican Party is largely confident in their ability to regain majority control in the House, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Plan to Regain Majority Control in the House of Representatives

While speaking with the press yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that Republicans have a fair shot at taking the House back from Democrats. To solidify this claim, McCarthy drew attention to the GOP’s need for only 17 seats in order to flip the House red.

Additionally came the House Minority Leader’s reminder that several Republican candidates across the nation have outraised their Democrat counterparts and remain in tight poll races. McCarthy also noted some historic wins of GOP candidates beating out Democrats in various special elections.
Ultimately, the House Minority Leader maintains that while congressional races may be “competitive,” Republicans will ultimately come out on top.

What Do Democrats Think About the House and Senate Races?

Democrats have expressed precisely opposite sentiment of those maintained by McCarthy. In fact, certain top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi state that the ongoing issues regarding coronavirus, the economy, and race relations are paving the path for a massive blue wave.

The Democrats seek to expand their power in the House, while taking the Senate back from the GOP and turning Trump into a one-term president. Some Americans have even suggested that leftists have a vested interest in stifling the economy and keeping sectors closed until the election, in the hopes that this will cost Trump 2020.
Biden, for his part, continues to market himself to voters as the solution to ongoing economic problems. The former vice president is promising to “transform” the United States and build what he calls a “better” economy.
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