Republican Citizens Facing Political Violence after Biden Calls Them “Threats” to U.S.

Even though President Biden tried to warn of the danger that followers of former President Trump represent to the nation, a number of acts of political violence, many with victims who were supporters of conservative causes, have taken place.

Biden: “MAGA supports political violence”

In his remarks, Biden criticized those who embrace the MAGA agenda, saying they’re eager for violence.

Biden claimed MAGA Republicans “support political violence” and also their “entire philosophy” is “nearly semi-fascist” in the days before his Philadelphia address.

Multiple occurrences of political violence have occurred in the weeks since those remarks. That includes the shooting of an elderly woman in her 80s last week in Michigan when she was canvassing for a Right to Life organization.

According to Michigan State Police, the elderly woman was wounded following a “verbal dispute as she was handing out brochures.”

Two volunteers for Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s reelection bid were allegedly beaten while door-knocking in a Houston suburb during the weekend, marking yet another violent incident in the state.

Violence in politics is never justified.

Keith den Hollander, vice chairman for Ottawa County GOP, spoke about the vandalism that occurred at the Republican Party’s headquarters.

Days after Biden referred to MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascists,” a GOP office in Seminole County, Florida was destroyed with the words “eat s*** fascists” in paint.

A few weeks later, the term “Nazi” was spray-painted on the walls of a Democratic office in Seminole County.

According to a report from WJBK-TV last week, a pregnancy center in Oakland County, Michigan was defaced with an inscription that expressed support for access to abortion.

Biden Supporters Vandalize

Cayler Ellingson, 18, was slain just earlier this month when a 41-year-old man ran him over with his car. The man later told a 911 dispatcher that he thought Ellingson was a member of a Republican “extreme” organization.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates informed that President Biden “denounces these assaults and has been explicit that assault, threats of violence, and destruction are entirely inappropriate – irrespective of who’s conducting such acts or why.”

Following Ellingson’s passing, conservatives publicly criticized Biden and asserted his remarks in Philadelphia exacerbated the nation’s political polarization.

Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky who was assaulted outside the 2020 Republican National Convention, together with his spouse, said in a statement to Fox News Digital last week that “words can have severe repercussions.”

RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn told Fox News Digital that Joe Biden and the Democrats “split, shirk responsibility, and demonstrate how extreme they have become” at every opportunity.

“With Biden as the dividing wall, Americans are unified in their anxiety about the Democrats’ tax increases, their gentle attitude towards crime, and the rising costs brought on by their wasteful spending,” the article states.