"Red States" Attacked by Biden During Final Presidential Debate

"ABC Town Hall - Philadelphia, PA - Octob" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

The final presidential debate was comprised of six segments last night. With the debate lasting for 90 minutes, both Trump and Biden received a collective amount of 15 minutes on each segment.
Of course, the issue of COVID-19 came up on Thursday night. Biden ripped into the president, stating that Trump lacks a concrete plan. Meanwhile, the former vice president also talked about mask-wearing, and claimed that 200,000 more people will die of the virus between now and 2021 if changes are not made.

Likewise, Biden also attempted to paint himself as the president for all Americans, regardless of partisanship; yet, in the very next breath, the Democrat presidential nominee gave himself away by bashing “red states,” confirms Breitbart News.

Red States vs. Joe Biden

While speaking about coronavirus, the former vice president professed that he doesn’t view the virus in terms of red states against blue states. In making this claim, Biden also insinuated that President Trump does regard the situation with COVID-19 as a matter of partisanship.
However, literal seconds later, Biden claimed that “red states” (along with Midwest states and upper Midwest states) are the areas seeing the spikes in COVID-19.

The former vice president declined to mention that deaths are down; he also failed to acknowledge that Michigan, a blue state, is seeing repeated spikes, despite its austere lockdowns, mask mandates, and other oppressive measures that garnered bipartisan backlash.

Blue State Bailouts

In Biden’s haste to talk about red states, he forgot one critical element: blue state bailouts.
At this time, numerous states run by Democrats have devastated their economies; California and New York are just a couple of examples. Blue states ruined their economies thanks to shutdowns and now they want the government to bail them out; red states, of course, aren’t really having this problem.

Blue state bailouts have even thrown a wrench in congressional plans to provide a federal stimulus package for COVID-19 relief. Democrats in Washington continue trying to sneak bailout money for these states into the package, but Republicans aren’t having it.
Blue states decimated their economies after months of warnings; they remained in lockdown mode weeks and weeks after the curve flattened, even as other communities began to reopen. Republicans are adamant that taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for Democrat governors’ mistakes.
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