Rashida Tlaib: Let's "Completely Dismantle" ICE!

To the chagrin of decent Americans, progressives continue to openly call for the abolition of agencies which enforce immigration laws. In 2019 alone, Democrats have made headlines for championing the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), etc.

Furthermore, many left-wing presidential candidates are now supportive of government-sanctioned illegal immigration and providing free healthcare to illegals…at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, of course. These radical reforms are deeply unpopular and even certain moderate Democrats are cringing at what their party has become.

House Rep. Rashida Tlaib is one of the most outspoken members of the Democrat Party and all in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to pour in at will. Like her other Democrat colleagues, Tlaib believes that ICE ought to be “completed dismantled,” even going as far as to claim that America was fine prior to the existence of ICE. These profoundly untrue statements have been documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Why Does Tlaib Want to Abolish ICE?

Earlier this week, Tlaib sat down with the Authentically Detroit podcast in order to share her views on politics and necessary reforms in America. During this time, the congresswoman boldly stated that ICE should be eliminated and claimed that the United States was fine pre-ICE days and before 9/11.

Tlaib’s time on the podcast is not the first occasion on which she has called to end ICE. While speaking with Authentically Detroit, Tlaib admitted that she “ran on abolishing ICE” during former President Obama’s time in office.

The congresswoman’s opinions regarding ICE read as follows:

“It needs to be completely dismantled. We didn’t have ICE years ago before 9/11, and I can tell you we were fine. We had Border Patrol. We had all those. I want people to appreciate between that, unpackage that. This is a new agency that came about afterwards. It’s important to know that.”

Stop Electing People Who Hate America

Rhetoric like that which was spewed by Tlaib is becoming more and more common from progressives. As disturbing and unfortunate as this may be, there comes a silver lining in the form of a lesson: stop electing people into office who hate America.

President Trump said it best; if you hate America and are truly unsatisfied, you can pack your bags and leave at any time. Democrats like Tlaib do not love this country and quite frankly, they want to tear it apart.

This is why progressives want to raise taxes on the middle class in order to boot hardworking people off of their private healthcare plans. This is why progressives advocate for decriminalizing illegal immigration altogether. Ultimately, progressives have become the new face of the Democrat Party; they’ve also made their lack of patriotism or regard for the United States quite apparent.

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