Radical Leftists ‘Care Nothing’ for US Democracy, Trump Sounds Alarm  


President Trump raised the alarm that radical leftism, which has been gripping the United States for years, is solely interested in establishing total control over the individual and procuring massive wealth for its stooges.

Biden’s ‘Desperation and Despair’

On Friday, Trump issued a new statement. He exposed the Biden administration as the ultimate epitome of the radical leftists’ rise to power in the United States.

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In a bewildering speech yesterday, Sleepy Joe wrongfully accused Trump of all sins possible.

Vice President Kamala Harris erroneously claimed the Capitol events were equal to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Even though he had already put out five other statements, Trump released a sixth statement to expose the anti-Americanism of Biden, Harris, and other leftists.

Trump declared that “yesterday’s” speeches represented the last breaths of a “corrupt and discredited” leftist establishment in US politics.

Trump explicitly emphasized the “radical leftists” out of Washington, D.C., “care nothing for American democracy.”

Yet, they whole-heartedly aspire for total “control over you” and “wealth and riches” for them.

Trump also described “Biden’s voice” from his latest speeches as one of “desperation and despair.”

Next, he joined the chorus lambasting Kamala Harris for comparing 1/6 and 9/11.

Trump began stating there is no way a “Pelosi-led security failure” could be equated with al-Qaeda terrorist attacks, which claimed the lives of close to 3,000 Americans.

Trump further compared Sleepy Joe to “insecure dictators in communist countries.”

Democrats Trying to Destroy US Freedoms

Trump then went on to expose how the radical Democrats have been utilizing “January 6” as a pretext for their total “assault” on American citizens’ civil liberties and free speech.

He emphasized the Biden administration and the Pelosi-led Democrats in Congress have been employing the abuse of political prisoners.

They are also pushing pandemic mandates, overarching censorship, including through de-platforming, and the “radical” anti-American “indoctrination” of children.

Trump also lashed out against Biden and Democrats for using the January 6 anniversary in order to push their “voting rights legislation,” a “radical federal takeover” of the rights of states to make their own election laws.

The legislation would include the banning of voter ID, as well as other fundamental security measures, already adopted by a number of Republican-led states.

This was done in the wake of the 2020 presidential election in order to guarantee the “sacred integrity” of elections.

Trump pointed out the Democrats are doing all of that because they are scared that they will be losing honest and fair elections.

Trump declared he is the one “trying to save US democracy,” and not the factor “undermining” it.

Trump concluded by declaring his confidence, which is greater than ever, in the common sense of the American nation.

He vowed Americans will “take back” their country, and “America will be great again.”