Putin’s Wretched Mobilized Army Starting Mutiny in Russia Over Ukraine War

(Social media video snapshot shows an ethnic Tuvan conscript in Russia telling off Putin in a mutinous speech amid the war in Ukraine.)

What may be some of the first signs of military mutinies in Russia have started to erupt.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians forcibly mobilized by Moscow’s atrocious tyrant Vladimir Putin to fight his failing war in Ukraine have found themselves without even the most basic of supplies, equipment, and combat gear.

Putin’s Mobilization Just as Awry as His War

Eight months after he decided to conquer Ukraine, a nation the size of Texas, in order to rebuild the former Soviet Empire, Putin’s war of aggression continues to falter.

The constant failures to overwhelm Ukraine last month forced Putin to announce mass mobilization, which seeks to put 1.2 million men under arms.

The entire war in Ukraine so far has been showing that Moscow’s leadership hasn’t learned anything since the last time it fought such a big conventional war in Europe, namely, against Nazi Germany in World War II.

The difference is today, it’s Russia that’s the unquestionable aggressor; the crucial US aide and other western military aid are going Ukraine.

Overall, Russia’s total casualties – including those wounded, killed, captured, or missing – are believed to be well past the 200,000 milestone, which is about the size of Putin’s original invasion force back in February.

The Moscow autocrat had been unwilling to declare mobilization out of fear that it might spark an armed mutiny or even a revolution of the 1917 communist revolution type that could topple his regime.

(Social media video snapshot shows an ethnic Tuvan conscript in Russia telling off Putin in a mutinous speech amid the war in Ukraine.)

Putin, ‘You Are of No Use!’

A video emerged, showing mobilized units of ethnic Tuvans, in the Tuva autonomous republic in Siberia, the Asian part of Russia, openly defying and blasting the command, even Putin himself.

The video cited by The Daily Mail shows one uniformed conscript in a Russian military camp giving an anti-war, anti-regime, and seemingly mutinous speech before a group of hundreds of newly mobilized soldiers heard cheering to his words.

The ethnic Tuvan conscript blasts a military official who is not seen in the video for using various kinds of threats in order to force military-aged males to mobilize.

The conscript complains that Russian authorities have been giving ridiculous compensations to the families of those mobilized – such as a “manky ram” plus “some groceries.”

“What is this?” the indignant man can be heard asking disparagingly. The report describes his address as “heroic” since his anti-regime public speech could get him a “severe punishment” in Russia.

Nonetheless, amid more and more cheers from the mobilized crowd, the conscript complains they were all threatened they’d be “put in jail” if they didn’t agree to go fight in Putin’s war in Ukraine.

In his words, other threats included stopping any financial payments to the families of those refusing the draft.

The outraged man then reveals his unit of mobilized men doesn’t even have walkie-talkies, or even socks – so the conscripts had to buy their own socks instead.

The end of the man’s speech in the video sounds particularly blunt towards the end. He asks who “you” would rule over if “people like us” didn’t exist.

Then, in a jab likely directed at Putin, he declared that “you” do not seem like “a source of power” to them – people should come together and make the decision that “you are of no use.”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.