Putin Destroys the Woke Left

During an address on Thursday, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, attacked the far-left awakened mindset. Putin claims this mindset is inflicting societal evils all through the Western hemisphere, comparing it to what occurred in Russia during the 1917 communist revolution.

Putin Held Nothing Back

Putin delivered the statements during the Valdai Global Discussion Club’s 18th annual conference in Sochi; the subject was “International Shake-up in the Twenty-First Century.”

A translator transcribed Putin’s words and the video was posted on the Russian state’s website. “We are bemused by the stalemate happening in nations that have gotten accustomed to perceiving themselves as beacons of development,” Putin said during a three-hour speech.

“Of a sort, it’s really none of our business. Some think assertive suppression of entire pages of your very own heritage, positive discrimination in the involvement of minority groups, and the necessity to rescind the traditional understanding of such core beliefs as mother, father, household, and sex difference are a breakthrough.”

Putin stated Western countries had the privilege of doing whatever they wanted, but “the vast majority of Russian society” was opposed to these new ideas.

“The concept of so-called societal change believes in giving mankind a new consciousness, a higher mind, something which is more appropriate,” Putin remarked. “There’s another thing I’d like to point out: the solutions they come up with aren’t really groundbreaking.”

“As strange as it may seem, this is what we witnessed in Russia. It occurred in our nation well before the revolution in 1917, when the Bolsheviks adopted Marx and Engels’ belief systems.”

“They also stated they would work to modify traditional lifestyles, economic and political lifestyles, as well as the entire concept of morality, which they believe, are the foundational elements of a decent society.”

Putin Drew Comparisons Between the Russian Revolution and Today

“They were attempting to demolish age-old and century-old values by examining people’s relationships and promoting informing on one’s own family members and families.”

“It was heralded as a sign of development. It was really popular all throughout the world, and many people backed it, as we can see right now.”

“Coincidently, the Bolsheviks were extremely intolerant of other people’s beliefs,” Putin added. “I believe this should serve as a reminder of something that is now taking place. We see it occurring in Western nations.”

“We are puzzled by the procedures Russia had before the struggle for equality and against discriminatory practices turned into openly and flagrantly assertive dogma.”

“This is ultimately on the verge of insanity. Right now, great writers of the past (such as William Shakespeare) are no longer accepted in colleges and universities because they were declared as retrograde classics who did not know the significance of sex or ethnicity.”