Psaki Wasn’t That Great and Biden’s Doing the Worst Ever

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, is leaving her post on Friday.

While she is leaving amid accolades from the national media, she’s also leaving after her boss’ poll numbers slid from 20 points positive net support to 12 points net negative support.

The Media Loves Her

David Axelrod, a veteran White House political strategist, recently told Vogue magazine that Psaki is the best media director he has ever worked with.

Though, surely the best communications director could keep the president’s net approval rating from plummeting 30 points?

Presidents, regardless of accomplishment, are likely to be loathed by a major percentage of the public in these severely divided days. That’s what happened to President Trump, whose accomplishments are now more apparent to his detractors.

However, Biden stepped in with some conservative voters. Biden succeeded in alienating them and Psaki was powerless to save him.

Instead, she gave Vogue glitzy interviews, breaking the unspoken rule that employees must never steal the spotlight from the boss. She’ll leave the mess to the very first black LGBT woman to hold the post and get out in time to salvage her career.

The most that could be said about Psaki is that Biden’s criticism would have been harsher if she hadn’t been there. She was probably the most visible and capable member of the Biden government, which is a low bar to meet these days.

Psaki had frequent news conferences, unlike many of her colleagues. However, Psaki should not be given too much praise for it.

Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s previous press secretary, has been at least as bright and organized as Psaki, but she had to deal with a hostile crowd every day.

Psaki also allowed Fox News’ Peter Doocy to ask him questions. It was the minimum she could do for the most popular cable news network, but it was more than some Democrats — or late-night liberal comics — expected her to do.

Psaki, on the other hand, carried with her all of the animosity of the sad, frowny-faced Obama employees who sulked at the news of Trump’s triumph on that fateful November day in 2016.

She Lied

Psaki couldn’t bring herself to give Trump some credit for the coronavirus vaccine’s quick development.

She propagated anti-Trump lies like the one about “injecting bleach.” In her final days of employment, she supported the ridiculous idea that “MAGA” is the most radical organization in recent American history.

She accomplished all of this while praising Biden’s boasts of bringing the country together. “You can do both,” she replied, implying the country might be brought together if everyone concurred with what Biden and his administration wanted to achieve.

The strangest part was how Psaki got the job in the first place.

During Obama’s presidency, she sought the role but was turned over for the completely forgettable Josh Earnest, one of the countless, dull-white males who held the post.

Instead, Psaki sharpened her skills at the Department of State, where she pioneered the practice of “hashtag diplomacy.”

She was of several mediocre Democratic attempts to respond to foreign threats on social networks, which likely empowered our adversaries.