Protesters Swarm Pelosi for Not Impeaching Trump

Over the course of President Trump’s time in office, progressives have been desperate to see him impeached and subsequently removed from the White House. Time and time again, they’ve claimed that various events, namely the Mueller probe, would lead to the impeachment of the president.

This has been proven wrong time and time again, thus causing progressives to lash out in various ways. From the moment of Trump’s election, massive amounts of Democrats vowed to “resist” him, although all they’ve done in behave poorly in the streets and harass people in public; progressives should know this isn’t hurting the president.

Now, in most cases, progressives opt to target and harass conservatives; although, earlier this week, they directed their rage towards House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to Fox News. Apparently, progressives believe that Pelosi is not taking the proper actions to impeach the president.

Protesters appeared outside of California’s InterContinental Hotel while Pelosi was on the premises; as they gathered, progressives screamed about how the House Speaker must act and promptly move to impeach Trump.

The Progressive Backlash Against Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has regularly come out and condemned President Trump on multiple occasions; however, when it comes down to impeachment, the House Speaker has not actively supported this in the manner of other Democrat leaders. As Pelosi was honored during a “Heart of the Resistance” dinner, progressive protesters screamed outside, accusing the House Speaker of leaving behind a poor legacy and failing to do her job.

Nicole Regalado, the campaign manager of a progressive group, branded President Trump as “one of the biggest threats to our families and communities.”

Another protester complained about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and admitted to status as an illegal immigrant.

“Speaker Pelosi, I am undocumented. My community is being targeted by ICE and killed by white supremacists. Fight for my community and impeach Trump NOW. We can’t wait. Impeach Trump.”

Why Isn’t Pelosi Moving to Impeach President Trump?

Nancy Pelosi may talk about how much she dislikes the president, but she’s not really moving to impeach because she knows it’s a fool’s errand. The reality is that Trump has yet to commit any impeachable offenses. Various congressional Democrats have attempted to draft impeachment articles against the president, but they’ve failed every time.

The sooner progressives wake up to the reality that President Trump will never be impeached, the better off they will be. The left can hold up signs and chant outside of buildings until they turn blue in the face, but it won’t ever change the fact that Trump is their president.

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