Protesters Storm Third Democrat Debate

Yesterday, left-wing 2020 presidential candidates gathered in Houston, Texas for the third primary debate. During this debate, Democrats sparred with one another regarding policy and the ability to competently take on President Trump in a general election. Each of the candidates attempted to make their case to the American people and jabs were frequently exchanged towards one another.

At one point during last night’s debate, protesters stormed the stage and began to chant. Of course, the presidential candidates on stage merely looked at the protesters, while other coughed, glanced at one another, and attempted to deal with matters as best as possible. Breitbart News reports that protesters entered the scene and made a commotion just as Biden prepared to deliver remarks on his personal challenges.

What You Need to Know about the Protesters

The protesters who stormed last night’s third primary debate have been identified as DACA beneficiaries. While making a scene, the protesters screamed that their lives were in danger and implored the 2020 candidates to “save them.” Last night’s protesters also wore t-shirts which called to do away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), maintain DACA, and provide citizenship for “all.”

Following the incident, the moderators apologized to Joe Biden and promised to restart his allotted time to answer the question which was asked of him.

The Logical Fallacy

Protesters have come out in droves during these past few years. While it’s not very surprising that individuals would organize to protest at such a high-profile event, it’s quite fascinating. It doesn’t appear as though the protesters thought out their moves very thoroughly. What were they expecting to happen, other than being escorted from the stage and off the premises? How exactly did they think the Democrat candidates would “save them?”

There’s a very huge problem in this country and it’s the belief that Democrats have a vested interest in “saving” various individuals. Democrats may want to save themselves and their power, but they are not for the little guy, despite what they might claim. The reforms and policies which these left-wing candidates are talking about will never make it though Congress, nor will they ever get a presidential signature into law.

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