Protesters Harass ICE, Face Arrests in Arizona

Left-wing protesters are continuing to come out of the woodwork as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials do their jobs. This pattern falls in line with the many Democrat candidates who are calling for the United States government to sanction illegal immigration. Calling for the decriminalization of unlawfully crossing the border is fairly new amongst the Democrat Party, but it’s certainly influencing their voters.

Breitbart News reports that protesters swarmed an ICE facility in Phoenix, Arizona over the weekend. Like many progressive protests, this one quickly got out of hand and law enforcement officers were called on the scene. The protests happened following news that ICE will begin arresting illegal immigrants who have already been ordered to leave the United States.

Everything You Need to Know about the Arizona Protests

When police officers arrived on the scene of the protests, they determined that participating individuals were engaging in unlawful assembly and obstruction. Protesters didn’t do themselves any favors by rioting on the street’s sidewalks, blocking traffic, and interfering with nearby light-rail systems.

Eventually, the authorities ordered protesters to disperse; the ones who refused to do so were subsequently taken into police custody and charged with obstruction of a public thoroughfare and unlawful assembly. A few of the detainees also face additional charges of aggravated assault against police officers.

Of course, the protesters were filmed and videos were shared on social media.

See for yourself:

Law and Order vs. Protesters

At the end of the day, no matter how many protesters take to the streets, law and order will always win in the end. Illegally entering the United States is a crime, as is obstruction of a public thoroughfare, unlawful assembly, and aggravated assault against law enforcement. It’s truly unfortunate that so many people on the left have been duped into believing that lawlessness should be allowed or tolerated.

ICE raids are presently underway and there is no sign of them stopping anytime soon. As previously stated, the illegal immigrants who are being targeted in round-ups have already been ordered to leave the United States. This is a very clear indicator that illegal immigration will not be tolerated, despite the radically far-left agenda which progressives are pushing for. Hopefully, ICE raids will also send a message to the rest of the world: follow the immigration laws or do not come to America.

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