Proof: Teachers Unions Worked With CDC to Keep Schools Closed

Since the CDC began putting together a scientific evaluation of restarting educational institutions throughout the coronavirus, the leaders of the two major teachers unions were seen personally messaging Rochelle Walensky, the agency’s then-director.

This is according to recently discovered text messages. The CDC then made an important decision that permitted schools to stay shut and placated the unions.

Texts Reveal All

AFT President Randi Weingarten contacted Walensky on February 11, 2021, informing her that she learned of a “leak” via The New York Times.

This leak was regarding what would be in the CDC’s impending advice and Weingarten expressed worry that it was in contrast with their discussion.

In Weingarten’s words, “they are running with a full speed ahead angle” in regard to restoring schools.

The instruction issued the next day by Walensky’s organization was unique. All schools have the choice to offer in-person education, it read.

Because of this, school districts could continue to be closed while claiming to be compliant with CDC recommendations.

Middle and senior high schools will only offer online classes, provided they can completely execute all mitigation measures and have few instances, it continued.

After that, Weingarten’s union released a statement appreciating the advice and messaged Walensky a copy of the document with the words, “Thank you.”

In her ecstatic reply, Walensky said this brought the biggest smile to her face for the week. She ended the message by thanking her “friend.”

The Fairfax Parents Association, an organization of parents who pushed to stop prolonged school closures in a Democratic-controlled Virginia district, requested the text conversations through a Freedom of Information Act petition.

The texts additionally show Becky Pringle, head of the National Education Association, the second main teachers union, messaging the agency’s director and seeming to use “diversity” as justification for closing schools.

Americans Were Lied To

Concerns are raised by the impact of a significant leftist constituency on scientific advice, especially since Americans were urged to “trust the science.”