Proof of Corrupt Business Dealings Between China and Biden Family

As per documents obtained by Fox News, President Biden’s brother-in-law, John Owens, approached Hunter Biden in 2014. He approached Hunter for assistance with obtaining a business license to develop his telemedicine business, stating it needed to be “secured very fast.”

Business Deals and Corrupt Practices

On May 9, 2014, Owens (who goes by the moniker Jack) wrote an email to Hunter Biden, trying to inform Hunter his businesses (MediGuide America and MediGuide Insurance International (MISI)) managed to reach a “serious stage.”

This “serious stage” occurred in agreements with a Chinese insurance provider; however, he wouldn’t be able to “seal this agreement” without the need for a “Chinese business permit.”

“Time constraints are quite tight; the fact we don’t yet have one has given the company a tiny credibility jolt. All of this necessitates the acquisition of a business license, which must be obtained swiftly,” Owens penned the piece.

“While this may appear to be a simple operation, I’ve learned obtaining a business license can take an abnormal amount of time, time that we simply do not have.”

Hunter then emailed Michael Lin, a committee member of 100, a New York-based advocacy organization with ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front, an influencing operation. China Daily, a CCP-controlled media outlet, has endorsed multiple meetings for the Committee of 100.

“Please see the email below for more information. It was given to me by my Uncle Jack. Is there any way we can assist him with this? Here, speed is of the importance,” Hunter Biden penned the article. Bulger replied the next day, saying he’d talk to Lin about how they might “assist.”

“Myself, as well as Michael, had a conversation with Jack this morning. I believe we have a resolution for his China situation,” Bulger wrote to Hunter three days later.

“Currently, Michael and Ran are reviewing the regulations and rules, but our Thornton WOFE will probably be fine for Jack’s business to use,” Bulger stated, most likely alluding to the Thornton Group’s wholly foreign-owned corporation, which Bulger and Lin co-founded.

Hunter Clearly Used His Father’s Position to Help Out

Bulger sent out a letter to Owens and Lin a few days later and requested Owens “allow us until Monday to evaluate a few additional regulations and laws in China.” Bulger added, “I may well have you answer a few questions on Monday so we can get precise with the proper authorities in China.”

It’s unknown if Bulger and Lin were successful in gaining a company license for Owens or whether Thornton’s “WOFE” was sufficient under Chinese regulations. Mediguide’s website, on the other hand, claims to have reached an “arrangement with AnyHealth Shanghai.”

According to the website, “MediGuide and Any Health want to grow MediGuide’s operation in China under the name of ‘MediGuide China.’ AnyHealth Shanghai will act as MediGuide Worldwide LLC’s legal representative in China.”

AnyHealth Shanghai may or may not be the same company mentioned in the emails.