Progressives Hurl Death Threats at Mitch McConnell

At this point in American politics, progressives have been very clear in their war against anyone who dissents from their ideologies. This is something which Americans have witnessed time and time again. Progressives harass conservatives in public places, claim that President Trump is Hitler, and call anyone who isn’t a radical socialist racist. Furthermore, the Democrat Party has encouraged this disturbing conduct by failing to condemn radicalism amongst their own ranks.

The tyrannical progressives struck once again, only this time, they declared war outside the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that progressives are unhappy with McConnell’s decision against supporting an anti-Second Amendment bill which pushes for more background checks. This ire from the left-wing comes days after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Death Threats Outside of McConnell’s Home

On Monday night, protesters stood outside of the Senate Majority Leader’s home and screamed various obscenities. Certain members of the crowd stated that McConnell should have “broken his raggedy, wrinkled-a*s neck” while others expressed interest in him experiencing a stroke and a heart attack.

Progressives who protested outside of McConnell’s home furthermore advocated for the Senate Majority Leader to “just regret his f*cking life, period” and be stabbed in the heart.

The incident was captured on video:

The True Agenda

Progressives do not truly care about saving lives; their true interest lies in political bullying and harassing anyone who does not cater to their demands. The left cannot claim to care about gun violence while calling for the murder of politicians they dislike.

Over the past few years, there’s been a pattern of conservatives facing harassment from various protesters. First, it started happening outside of politicians’ offices. Then progressives moved to bullying conservatives in restaurants and other public places; now progressives have escalated to going to conservatives’ homes and calling for various gruesome deaths.

Not a single prominent Democrat has condemned the death threats hurled at McConnell.

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