Progressives Dismayed by First Democrat Primary Debate

On Wednesday night, 2020 Democrat candidates participated in their first primary debate.
Many of the candidates were quite eager to get on the stage and share their ideas with the country, but, as documented by Breitbart News, Americans weren’t very impressed.
Even the leftist crowd of Hollywood celebrities wasn’t wowed by what they witnessed.

Reviewing the Poor Reception

Overall, the American people didn’t like what they saw on Wednesday night. According to criticism, Democrat candidates failed to provide direct answers or properly back up the astronomically obscene proposals they want to implement.
Observers furthermore noted that candidates on stage were too eager to overtalk one another and adhered to boring, rehearsed talking points. Others took issue with the high number of candidates on stage coupled with a technical issue during the debate.
Some of the backlash from progressive public figures reads as follows:

President Trump also had his own feelings on this election season’s first Democrat primary debate. The president expressed his thoughts via tweet with only one word:
Trump then censured MSNBC and NBC News for a technical issue which occurred during the debate:

The Hilarious Irony of Progressive Outrage

The fact that left-wing public figures are so displeased by what they witnessed on the debate stage is actually hilariously ironic. After all, that is what Democrats chose. Those are the candidates and policies that progressives have constantly wanted and championed for. What the left-wing doesn’t seem to understand is that when you support radical candidates, the end result is the fiasco on last night’s debate stage.
Progressive public figures may be whining about the poor quality of last night’s debate, but it’s just noise. At the end of the day, the candidates on that stage are the ones left-wingers will champion and support when it comes down to it. The vicious cycle of radicalism, insanity, and chaos will proceed and then Democrats will be left scratching their heads and wondering why they lost yet another election to President Trump.
What do you think about last night’s first Democrat primary debate? Let us know your take in the comments section down below!
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