Progressive Worker Comes Out Against Higher Minimum Wages

Democrats consistently stand by policies which are counterproductive and disadvantageous, especially to the everyday American worker. The left’s crusade to raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hr (or higher) is a prime example of this.

As the Democrat Party blindly claims that a higher minimum wage will solve economic plights of middle and lower-income Americans, they fail to recognize the underlying reality.

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Minimum wage increases are always counterproductive because the free market always finds a way to balance them out. A higher minimum wage means fewer hours, more layoffs, and higher prices; in turn, these subsequent changes offset any potential economic gains which would come from minimum wage increases.

Nevertheless, Democrats still persist with promoting this poor policy and it’s hurting American workers. A restaurant employee and self-professed progressive recently noted the many problematic aspects of higher minimum wages in a piece for the Wall Street Journal.

A Closer Look at the Progressive Worker’s Op-Ed

Titled Seattle’s Wage Mandate Kill Restaurants, progressive worker Simone Barron noted that her now-former place of employment actually shut down because of a minimum wage increase to $16.39 per hour.

Barron explained that increasing the minimum wage not only backfires on workers, but also the business owners who employ them. According to the progressive worker, gradual minimum wage hikes eventually caused the now-defunct restaurant where she worked to raise prices on food and have less capital on hand to cover labor and rent expenses. Eventually, all of this prompted the close of Barron’s place of employment.

The progressive concluded her op-ed for the Wall Street Journal by noting that while she’s “proudly progressive in [her] politics,” real-life experiences have shown her that increasing the minimum wage is something other progressives should “reconsider.”

The Beginning of More to Come

While Simone Barron’s story is unfortunate, it’s only the beginning of more to come if Democrats continue their crusades to increase the minimum wage. It’s not a policy that helps American workers, regardless of what the left wants to tell themselves.

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The only outcomes of increasing the minimum wage, as previously stated, are higher prices, fewer hours, job layoffs, and even the complete shutdown of businesses in the worst-case scenarios. If Democrats truly cared about the economy and about everyday Americans, they would stop pretending that minimum wage hikes reap positive results.

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