President Trump Roasts Elizabeth Warren's "Beer Catastrophe" Instagram Video

On Sunday, President Donald Trump weighed in with his thoughts on a recent Instagram video which Sen. Elizabeth Warren posted. Of course, his commentary was nothing short of hilarious. Warren’s video came not too long after her announcement of exploring a potential 2020 presidential run.

Reviewing the Video and President Trump’s Commentary

The president delivered his commentary about Warren’s video in a series of tweets. Her video can be viewed in Trump’s tweet, along with the first half of his commentary:
Trump then followed up with an additional hysterical slam of Warren’s behavior in her video:
Warren’s video has attracted a fair amount of censure and mocking from conservatives. Members of the right-wing have additional laughed at the idea of Warren running for president in 2020.
Aside from Warren’s extreme far-left policies, her claiming of Native American heritage is another extremely problematic aspect about the senator. Many have said that Warren’s false claims of Native American ancestry were perpetrated simply for the sake of advancing her career. Only in recent weeks has Warren admitted that she is, in fact, NOT a “person of color.”

More on Warren’s Video

Like the president, a fair amount of conservatives have criticized Warren’s aforementioned Instagram video. It was largely interpreted as an attempt to appear “down” and relatable. In reality, Warren’s content was incredibly cringe-worthy and came off as a terribly staged performance instead of just another night at home with her husband.
What did you think about Elizabeth Warren’s Instagram video? Do you agree with President Trump’s commentary? Let us know in the comments section below!
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