Pres. Trump Takes Courageous Stance Against Fauci

"National Day of Prayer" (Public Domain) by The White House

Since his time in the national spotlight, COVID-19 task force Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly made questionable comments.
One example entails him initially claiming that coronavirus was no big deal, only to later assert that more testing and preventative measures should’ve been taken. Let’s also not forget the instance when Fauci claimed that America would never return to normal without a vaccination for COVID-19.

In this week alone, Democrat leaders across America have upped their talks about unwillingness to fully reopen without a vaccine. Now, Fauci is claiming that schools should not reopen at all this fall.
Apparently, that assertion went a bridge too far for President Trump who publicly condemned this sentiment, reports Breitbart News.

Pushback Against Fauci

Many Americans believe that pushback against Fauci is long overdue, but better late than never. When asked about Fauci’s claims at a Senate Health Committee conference that schools shouldn’t reopen this fall, Trump strongly censured this sentiment.
To be precise, the president deemed Fauci’s answer on this matter as “not acceptable.” Furthermore, Trump noted coronavirus’ very minimal impact on children before stating that our nation’s schools and general economy must reopen in a safe, yet quick manner.

Wednesday marks the first time that the president has directly stood against comments made by Fauci. However, weeks ago, Trump did retweet a post that contained the hashtag #FireFauci. When later asked about the post, though, the president confirmed that he has no intention of removing the coronavirus task force doctor from the White House.
Trump’s dissent from Fauci’s statements earlier this week is consistent with the former’s interest in re-engaging our nation’s economy. After all, schools and the education of children play a vital role in the fabric of our society.
Do you agree with President Trump or Anthony Fauci on reopening schools this fall? Are you surprised to hear the president publicly disagree with one of Fauci’s takes? Let us know in the comments section below!