Mike Pompeo Hammers Biden Over Foreign Policy

Mike Pompeo said President Biden’s international policy “fails to comprehend” the “brutal truth” of good vs. evil. Pompeo alerted that if the “implications” of Biden’s actions as president and around the world are not considered, “America will be diminished.”

A Sharp Contrast to President Trump

Pompeo and former Trump-appointed Director of National Intelligence Robert O’Brien obtained the Richard Nixon Fund’s 2021 Designer of Peace Award for their work in formulating/delivering the 2020 Abraham Treaties, agreements, and the 2020 Serbia-Kosovo financial standardization pacts.

As such, Fox News spoke with the former secretary of state. Pompeo and O’Brien were also recognized for overseeing the homecoming of more than 50 hostages who were held captive abroad.

Pompeo told reporters that foreign organizations and friends are growing increasingly anxious about America’s position in the world, referring to the transition in foreign policy from the Trump administration to the Biden administration.

“I believe the world is concerned,” Pompeo added. “I believe they have seen the first nine months and are afraid America is withdrawing from the world arena.”

Pompeo discussed a variety of foreign policy decisions made under Biden’s guidance, such as the complete withdrawal of US military equipment from Afghanistan. This led to the Taliban’s control of the nation and talks about a possible re-entry into the JCPOA Nuclear Deal with Iran.

“What the Biden government fails to comprehend at its foundation is there is a brutal reality out there, that it is bad vs. good,” Pompeo added. “If you pull out of Kabul without thinking about the consequences, coping with them, and making sure the circumstances are correct, America will suffer.”

America is Abandoning Israel

“If you wouldn’t make it plain you’re willing to be an unshakeable ally of the Israeli state,” Pompeo said, “then the Iranians would provide missiles to Hamas in Gaza and launch them into Jerusalem.”

“You put America in jeopardy if you don’t recognize American petroleum is an enormously strong national security tool and instead shut this down, allowing the Russians entry to foreign markets while begging the Middle East to construct additional manufacturing capacity.”

Those are unquestionable facts. That is the nature of the world we operate in; the Trump administration was genuine about using our might as a positive force in the world.

Pompeo said the “single largest error” in the operation was “the one committed by the leader of the country himself,” in reference to the current government’s failure to exit from Afghanistan appropriately.

“To set an artificial, unilateral timetable,” Pompeo continued, alluding to Biden’s public pledge to withdraw all of America’s troops by August 31. “Once you’ve done that, once you’ve established a firm date, the evil folks understand they can press you—and that’s precisely what happened.”

According to Pompeo, the terrorists “pushed us.”