Philadelphia Antifa Accused Of Attacking Marines Has Ties To Radical DC Leader

As the attacks from the far-left increase in aggression and frequency, it’s becoming easier for observers to notice various connections and parallels. The Daily Caller Foundation recently discovered that one of the individuals who physically assaulted Marine servicemembers also shares ties with communist and Smash Racism DC organizer Joseph Alcoff.

You just can’t make this stuff up at this point.

Everything You Need to Know about the Shared Ties

In November, 33-year-old Thomas Keenan faced aggravated assault charges after he participated in the beating of two Marine officials. Keenan committed the crime after supposedly believing that the two Marines were members of a right-wing organization.

However, the plot thickens, especially upon the revelation that Keenan and Alcoff have both have other brushes with the law. In 2011, both individuals were taken into custody by law enforcement after their participation in a public brawl between Nazis and far leftists.

A Briefing on Joseph Alcoff

Joseph Alcoff is a communist, an organizer of Smash Racism DC and a leader of Antifa. Throughout his time in politics, Alcoff has also employed various aliases (‘Chepe,’ ‘Jose Martin’) and hidden behind them while spewing far-left, radical rhetoric on the internet. Some astounding examples include calling for the execution of rich people, advocating for the end of capitalism, the shutdown of private property, and openly endorsing socialism and communism.

The Most Important Takeaway

As left-wing violence increases in this country, there are a variety of applicable takeaways. However, in this particular scenario, it’s important to understand that political aggression is often planned and organized.

Keenan and Alcoff are associates and friendly with one another, but how many other people on the radical left also share connections with each other? The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than many Americans would like to think.

Are you taken aback by the ties shared between Thomas Keenan and Joseph Alcoff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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