Pete Buttigieg's Time as South Bend Mayor Ends

The new decade marks a series of new beginnings. With 2020 comes less and less time before primary voting commences in certain states.

Many leftists have already kicked off the new decade by making bold assertions about how they’re going to defeat President Trump “this year” and ensure that he’s a one-term president. Once again, this speaks to the evergrowing delusions and rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome which infects the Democrat Party.

Pete Buttigieg by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Pete Buttigieg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In the case of 2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg, he kicked off the new decade by no longer being the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Per reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation, Buttigieg’s time as the South Bend mayor ended along with 2019; now, James Mueller has assumed what used to be Buttigieg’s position.

A Closer Look at the New Change

James Mueller previously worked as a chief-of-staff to Buttigieg; in February of last year, the 2020 Democrat endorsed his current successor who then went on to be nominated by the Democrat Party in May. Not only did Mueller previously work for Buttigieg, but the pair also went to high school together and were friends.

Following his tenure as the South Bend mayor, Buttigieg posted on social media. The 2020 Democrat explained that serving as mayor in his hometown contributed to his personal growth, capacity to learn, and furthermore “sustained” him when he left home to serve the nation.

See for yourself:

What Comes Next for Pete Buttigieg?

The now-former South Bend mayor is focusing on his presidential campaign and working to prove to Democrat voters that he should win his party’s nomination. Buttigieg ushered in the new year with various posts about ending “Trumpism at large” and “[bringing] on a new era.”

In recent weeks, Buttigieg has surged in different polls and recently snagged a campaign endorsement from actor Kevin Costner. The former South Bend mayor’s rise has come after multiple clashes with the more progressive and radical Elizabeth Warren. Numerous times, Buttigieg and Warren sparred with one another over the validity of the latter’s Medicare-for-All claims and “purity tests.”

Buttigieg, in essence, made the case that Warren wasn’t being honest with Americans by claiming that Medicare-for-All won’t raise middle-class taxes. Moreover, the former South Bend mayor maintained that Warren can’t even meet her own “purity tests” in regards to not accepting money from millionaires and billionaires.

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