Pete Buttigieg Withdraws Candidacy for President

The field of 2020 Democrats continues to narrow with time and various state elections. Candidates who have failed to secure wins in the aforementioned state elections are the ones who are first to go. Tomorrow marks Super Tuesday and the outcome of voting states will definitely play a role in which candidates are awarded delegates and which one manages to win their party’s nomination later down the line.

Pete Buttigieg by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Pete Buttigieg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Yesterday evening, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg jetted off to South Bend, Indiana in order to announce the end of his candidacy for president, as documented by Breitbart News. The now-former 2020 Democrat’s departure from the race came after he failed to secure a win in the South Carolina primary. This departure was also quite abrupt and startling to many Americans, seeing as Buttigieg initially had plans to continue campaigning in Texas.

Why Buttigieg Ended His Run for the Presidency

On Sunday, the former mayor stood before an audience and announced his “difficult decision” to cease running for president. Shortly thereafter, Buttigieg followed up, vowing to do all he can to ensure that a Democrat becomes the new commander-in-chief in January 2021. Although the now-former Democrat candidate struggled to secure wins in at least three out of four state elections, Buttigieg noted that his campaign “achieved a top-four finish” in each contest.

In the time leading up to Buttigieg’s withdrawal from the race, he put out messages warning of stagnant campaign funds. Furthermore, the ex-mayor repeatedly requested donations on his social media channels while touting his campaign as best positioned to defeat President Trump. Merely hours before dropping out, Buttigieg uploaded campaign-related content to his social media channels.

A Bigger Agenda at Hand

The exit of Buttigieg certainly shakes up the field of candidates, leaving one less “moderate.” Some people, such as President Trump, have begun to speculate that the end of Buttigieg’s candidacy marks the beginning of Democrat elites working to ensure that Sanders doesn’t win the party’s nomination.

Around the time that the former mayor announced the suspension of his campaign, Trump tweeted out that all of Buttigieg’s Super Tuesday votes will go to Biden, thus complicating the prospect of Sanders becoming the nominee.

This isn’t the president’s first time making calls like this. Shortly after the socialist candidate won the Nevada caucus and New Hampshire primary, Trump warned Sanders not to allow the Democrat establishment to steal his chances of becoming the nominee.

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