Pennsylvania Family Obsessed with Religion Carries Out Suicide Pact

A mom and daughter who enjoyed bowling and were ardent Christian conservatives were among the Pennsylvania family discovered shot to death in their garden last week, according to authorities.

This looks to be a suicide pact, according to individuals who knew the family.

Family Commits Suicide

Officers were sent to a home in York County, Pennsylvania after a neighbor asked for a wellness check. There, they found Morgan Daub, 26, her father, James Daub, 62, and her mother, Deborah Daub, 59, all dead on the grass in the garden.

Since then, the West Manchester Township Police Department said that letters found inside the house show the family “decided together” to all kill themselves. Police think Morgan shot and killed Deborah Daub’s husband, then killed himself after shooting and killing Deborah Daub.

According to the authorities, there were no indications of a forced entrance, a struggle, or the presence of other people. The inquiry into the family’s deaths has been concluded.

The deaths shocked and devastated those who were familiar with them. Members of the neighborhood bowling scene recalled Morgan as a modest, reserved young lady who was close to her parents.

She was a gifted and enthusiastic bowler until they abruptly stopped going to bowling lanes and shops in the region a few years ago, around the time of the epidemic.

Morgan didn’t have many words to say, according to Bret Stabley, the owner of the pro shop at York, Pennsylvania’s Bowlers Supply, where the mother and her daughter were devoted patrons.

Stabley claimed he thought Morgan was homeschooled and her mother frequently advocated on her behalf. He characterized Morgan as “extremely timid and quiet,” but also “quite clever.”

Morgan received numerous bowling lessons from Stabley throughout the years. As she got older, he claimed, she developed more social skills. He added that she was “quite a decent bowler.”

When it comes to both religion and politics, Stabley said the devoutly Christian family was never bashful about letting everyone know what their convictions were. According to Stabley, Morgan and Deborah were “very, very enormous” admirers of former President Donald Trump.

Family Obsessed with Religion

Stabley referred to a time when he encountered them right before the 2020 election and stated they were simply hell-bent on Trump being reelected, like it could be the end if he wasn’t reelected

After that, he claimed, he ceased seeing the two.

The family had an obsession with religion, particularly on the part of the dad, according to a neighbor who begged to remain unnamed out of concern for personal or work reprisal in their community.

The neighbor claimed throughout the election, the family’s home yard was “riddled” with pro-Trump campaign materials and anti-abortion materials after Roe v. Wade was overturned.