Pence Slams Dems for Choosing Impeachment Over Policy

In politics, the priorities which member of Congress choose to focus on having rippling impacts. While this applies to both Republicans and Democrats alike, the former has chosen to prioritize policy and reform which will benefit the lives of the American people; sadly, the latter has chosen to blindly pursue impeachment, despite lacking the evidence and votes.

At this point, the Democrat Party is chasing ghosts and their impeachment inquiry is bound to fail.

Impeachment March by IndivisibleSF, on Flickr

Impeachment March” (CC BY 2.0) by IndivisibleSF

The Democrat Party also happens to control the majority of the House of Representatives; therefore, their unwillingness to focus on reforms and other matters of true importance is undermining the nation in some serious ways.

On Monday, PBS News Hour’s interview with Vice President Mike Pence hit airwaves, per reports from Breitbart News. In this interview, the vice president discussed the various legislation at stake and how so many important reforms in this country are being tossed aside due to Democrats’ carelessness and inaction.

A Closer Look at the Vice President’s Interview

In essence, the goals of the Trump administration entail bettering the economy, restoring jobs, fixing the opioid crisis, and so much more. However, a vast majority of reforms have to first make it through Congress; this entails getting the necessary votes in the House and the Senate prior to earning a presidential signature.

One of the points which Pence touched upon involved the manner in which Democrats are going about impeachment. In their haste to remove the president from office, Democrats are discarding the “due process rights” of Trump and his administration. Moreover, Pence declared that the Democrat Party must reveal the impeachment inquiry “to the light of day” and “release all of the transcripts.”

Finally, the vice president concluded his interview by going over some realities of the impeachment coup. The whistleblower completed lied about the conversation which President Trump had with Zelensky; moreover, both Trump and Zelensky deny the existence of a quid-pro-quo. Pence then declared that as the facts are revealed, Americans will “let their voice be heard on Capitol Hill.”

Why Democrats Fear Focusing on Policy

There’s no denying that Democrats’ insistence on prioritizing this impeachment inquiry has come at the expense of focusing on real policies. However, there’s also another hidden layer to all this that some folks might not be aware of.

Put simply, Democrats fear focusing on policy in Congress because they don’t want to bring attention to how awful their own proposals are. When you think about it, this is actually quite simple. Policies that are backed by Democrats are radical, extreme, and ridiculously costly; they don’t stand a chance of making it through Congress and Democrats know it.

The unwillingness to focus on what truly matters will backfire on Democrats, as will their coup of an impeachment inquiry. At this point in the game, any American who is looking at matters objectively can see just how much the Democrats’ radicalism and hatred for this president have poisoned them.

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