Pence: "Real Verdict" on Impeachment Comes in Fall 2020

Earlier this week, House Democrats finally sent over their impeachment articles to the Senate after being left with absolutely no choice.

Despite previous claims of viewing impeachment as solemn and sober, leftist lawmakers were seen laughing, smirking, and handing out fancy, commemorative pens to one another. This not only further confirmed that Democrats have been playing politics this whole time, but also that they lack the foresight to see the many ways in which this sham will backfire.

Vice President Pence in WI by The White House, on Flickr

Vice President Pence in WI” (Public Domain) by The White House

During an interview with Breitbart News, Vice President Mike Pence spoke about the impeachment sham and how he believes it’ll negatively impact Democrats; the vice president furthermore covered the accomplishments of President Trump since his time in office.

Pence’s interview with the conservative publication comes as the Senate prepares for a trial that is set to begin as early as this upcoming Tuesday.

An Overview of Pence’s Statements

First and foremost, the vice president kicked off his interview by explaining that Americans can see through this sham.

Pence made sure to note that people across the nation can “read the transcript for themselves” and understand that Trump didn’t force a quid-pro-quo. Shortly thereafter, the vice president pointed out that Democrats’ “headlong rush” to boot Trump out of office won’t work; then came Pence’s warning that the left will truly begin to experience the consequences of their action later in 2020.

Per the vice president’s own admission, he maintains that Americans will observe the wins of the GOP and vote accordingly. Recent USMCA success, military revival, and job creation are just a few examples which Pence noted.

The vice president then stated that Republicans will not only hold onto their Senate majority, but also regain majority control over the House while President Trump goes on to win a second term. This is something which Democrats were warned about; yet, they still pushed forward and rammed their sham impeachment through the House.

A Matter of Time

House Democrats may have laughed and grinned earlier this week when signing the impeachment resolution. Their likelihood of maintaining this disposition when Republicans regain majority control over the House is unlikely. Anyone who is honest with themselves knows that Democrats have had it out for Trump since his defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Vice President Pence Participates in a S by The White House, on Flickr

Vice President Pence Participates in a S” (Public Domain) by The White House

Ultimately, the left has accomplished absolutely nothing with their sham of an impeachment. As the vice president stated, the Senate will do its job; moreover, the president will face an acquittal because he did nothing wrong. The impeachment sham lacks facts, evidence, truth, and bipartisan support. Republicans know it, Democrats know it and so do the American people.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has stated so many times, Democrats’ impeachment sham is the weakest, thinnest, fastest, and most partisan in United States history.

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