Pelosi's Time as House Speaker May be Up Soon

"Nancy Pelosi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Much of the nation is focused on the 2020 presidential election and understandably so. With that said, as the presidential race has yet to be determined, the House and Senate races are also very much important.

Democrats managed to maintain majority control of the House while Republicans held onto their Senate majority. However, the GOP also succeeded in significantly narrowing Democrats’ majority in the House. This comes as a major blow to top leftists who spoke in great detail about a “blue wave” and fantasies of taking back the Senate.
Elections have consequences and Americans are getting a firsthand assessment of that. In the wake of the House races, it turns out that Nancy Pelosi’s time as the House Speaker may soon be approaching its end, per Townhall.

Why Pelosi Could Lose Her Speakership Position

News that the California Democrat could cease to serve as House Speaker arrived from none other than House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
During a recent Fox News interview, McCarthy laid out a clear path for Pelosi to lose her position as House Speaker; that path entails at least ten of 15 Democrats choosing to vote alongside Republicans to oust Pelosi as Speaker.

The idea of this happening is not the reach that some Americans might think. Back in 2019, 15 Democrats did, in fact, vote against Pelosi winning another term as House Speaker; if even 67% of those 15 Democrats vote the same way, Pelosi is out. It’s a given that Republicans in the House will vote against her too.
Since Republicans have expanded their number of seats within the House, and as different factions of the Democrat Party infight, Pelosi’s path to 218 House votes to retain speakership is looking murkier and murkier.

Frustration with Pelosi’s Leadership as Speaker

The House Speaker has faced backlash from both Republicans and Democrats during her time in power. This backlash significantly picked up amid Pelosi’s refusal to work with Republicans on COVID-19 stimulus packages.
While airline workers suffered furloughs, Pelosi talked about the importance of leverage for Democrats. The House Speaker even got into back-and-forths with CNN news anchors who challenged her for not working across the aisle with Trump and congressional Republicans.

Whether or not Pelosi wins her bid for another term as House Speaker is something only time will tell. However, if enough Republicans and Democrats vote against her, Pelosi is done.
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