Pelosi: Impeachment is "Divisive," but We'll Go There "If We Have To"

Since the inception of President Trump’s time in office, the Democrat Party has been talking about impeachment. Time and time again, leftist efforts to impeach the president have failed; this is because Trump has not committed any impeachable offenses. Still, the Democrat Party continues to insist otherwise. Multiple congressmembers have accused the president of obstructing justice during the Mueller investigation; this is an outrageous claim which even Mueller himself couldn’t confirm.

As time goes on, more and more Democrats urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move forward on impeachment. The progressive wing of the Democrat Party has especially expressed their irritation towards the House Speaker’s refusal to immediately rush to impeach.

Pelosi has previously stated that if the Democrat Party moves forward on impeachment, they need to have as strong of a case as possible. Pelosi reiterated this point during her most recent weekly press briefing, as documented by Breitbart News.

Reviewing Pelosi’s Comments on Impeachment

For quite some time, Pelosi has maintained that she and others view the impeachment of President Trump as a deeply divisive matter. On Thursday, the House Speaker informed the press that she maintains confidence in the House Judiciary Committee’s investigations. Pelosi stated that she still supports her previous positions, noting that the Democrat Party will “go there” if they deem it necessary.

Her precise words on the matter read as follows:

“I stand by what we’ve been doing all along. I support what is happening in the Judiciary Committee because that enables them to do their process of interrogation and their investigation and I salute them for that work.”  

Pelosi then noted that she’s traveled across America and gotten a consensus on impeachment from the people of this country:

“You’ll hear what the American people are saying. They understand that impeachment is a very divisive measure, but if we have to go there, we’ll have to go there, but we can’t go there unless we have the facts. […] That’s all I’m going to say about this subject.”

More on Pelosi’s Impeachment Stance

As previously stated, Nancy Pelosi has maintained her position on impeachment for quite some time. This has displeased various Democrats who believe that moving forward with impeachment is the best call.

The reality here is that progressives’ insistence upon removing Trump from office does not negate the facts. Trump has not engaged in any offenses which are worthy of impeachment; this is why the House Judiciary Committee has to continue to “investigate” one matter after the other. The left’s grounds for impeachment is so weak that even Nancy Pelosi, someone who has criticized and sparred with the president on multiple occasions, doesn’t appear to be in favor of it.

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