Pelosi Ignores Her Own Advice on Coronavirus Testing

"Nancy Pelosi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As America reopens and comes back from ongoing shutdowns, access to coronavirus testing is a hot topic. Many of the scientists and doctors maintain that testing as many people as possible will help facilitate a safe, measured re-engagement of the economy.
At the forefront of calls for testing is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker repeatedly maintains that everyone should get tested as much as possible, especially as communities begin to reopen.

Now, testing isn’t inherently problematic and bipartisan support for more access to coronavirus testing actually exists. The problem, however, is that Pelosi isn’t even living up to her own advice.
On Thursday, the House Speaker admitted that she has never once taken a single test for coronavirus, notes Fox News.

What to Know About Pelosi and Testing for COVID-19

The revelation that the House Speaker has yet to be tested for coronavirus while calling on everyone else to get tested shouldn’t come as a shock. If anything, the presence of COVID-19 has only highlighted the reality that Democrats view themselves as above the rules they set for others.
Pelosi’s latest remarks about testing occurred yesterday during remarks with the press. Throughout this time, the Speaker discussed the importance of testing as a cure or vaccine for coronavirus remains presently unavailable. Pelosi also claimed that reopening the economy, returning to school, and “healing” each relies upon testing in order to comprehend the “gravity” of coronavirus.

Only when asked by a press member about her own testing status did the House Speaker admit that she has yet to be tested for coronavirus. Pelosi then stated that a lack of tests first prompted her decision to forego an exam.
Shortly thereafter, the Speaker asserted that her doctor later told her she didn’t need to get tested for coronavirus since she showed no symptoms of the virus. Of course, though, COVID-19 can still be present even in asymptomatic individuals.
Do you think Nancy Pelosi will ever follow her own advice and get tested for coronavirus? Share your predictions with us in the comments section below!