Pelosi Furious: House Republicans Outmaneuvered Her With This Amendment On Gun Control Bill


A gun control bill which Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats attempted to ram through the House of Representatives managed to be intercepted by Republicans. Of course, it goes without saying that the House Speaker is not at all pleased about this, as documented by Townhall.

What Happened in the House?

Since regaining their majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats vowed for more gun control to serve as a policy to be pushed for. Of course, Democrats have made good on that promise but, to their surprise, Republicans have not rolled over and accepted defeat. Quite the contrary, to be honest.

On Wednesday, House GOP representatives included an amendment on a gun control bill which would mandate that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) be alerted in the event of illegal immigrants attempting to purchase guns. This did not sit well with the Democrats, something which may be surprising, only if you haven’t really been paying attention to the nuances of politics.

You see, Democrats claim that their support for gun control is to save lives. However, if this were truly the case, they wouldn’t have an issue with Republicans mandating that ICE is informed when known criminals attempt to purchase firearms. Of course, gun control has always been about clamping down on the rights of the American people. The left has no issue with illegal immigrants; as a matter of fact, Democrats largely believe that illegal immigrants are owed a place in the United States.

A Loss for the Democrats

Democrats may have the majority in the House, but they do not have the majority in the Senate or the support from the president. Even if House Republicans hadn’t managed to intercept the Democrats’ gun control bill, the red Senate would have immediately shut it down and if, by some shocking circumstance, the bill managed to make it on President Trump’s desk, it would’ve been met with a swift veto.

One way or another, the Democrats would have lost this battle.


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