Pelosi Called out for "Conflict of Interest" on Impeachment

As the treasonous impeachment inquiry persists, it only continues to blow up in the faces of the Democrat Party. Vigilant Americans are very well aware of the reality that impeachment lacks merit, cause, and the necessary votes to remove President Trump from office.

Since day one, Democrats have made clear that they lack any interest in working with this president. Rather than putting their personal opinions aside, they continue to play dirty politics and attempt overthrowing the decision which Americans made in 2016. Of course, this impeachment inquiry is largely being headed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, although that’s coming back to haunt her in yet another way.

Congressman Nancy Pelosi by gcas2018team, on Flickr

Congressman Nancy Pelosi” (CC BY 2.0) by gcas2018team

A New York Times op-ed that highlights the problem with the presidential succession law and Pelosi’s involvement in the impeachment process came out earlier this week.

Authored by a member of the Times‘ own editorial board, the piece notes the inherent “conflict of interest” between Pelosi participating in the impeachment of a president whom she could hypothetically replace, assuming that Vice President Mike Pence was also removed from office.

Reviewing the Case Against Pelosi Heading the Impeachment Inquiry

Already, Pelosi has made several moves to further the partisan impeachment inquiry. Now, many Americans cited her interest in removing the president from office as a strategy to help Democrats win the 2020 presidential election. However, the idea of Pelosi being that much closer to the position of U.S. president is another factor which fewer people have considered.

In the aforementioned op-ed, the writer slams Pelosi’s involvement in the impeachment inquiry as “a whopping conflict of interest.” Of course, it’s important to be very clear, here: the articles for the Times is, in no way, censuring the notion of a cockamamie impeachment coup, but rather Pelosi’s involvement in it.

Later on, the writer asserts that President Trump ought to be held accountable based on “what he has done,” and not by the potential individual who could replace him as commander-in-chief.

Will Pelosi Maintain Her Involvement in the Impeachment Inquiry

Despite the op-ed from the Times, there’s no indication that Pelosi’s involvement in the impeachment inquiry will change. It’s important to keep the facts in mind; Democrats absolutely do not care about any potential conflicts of interest. Their only agenda involves working against Trump and doing everything to avoid facing him in the 2020 election.

President Trump South Lawn by The Epoch Times, on Flickr

President Trump South Lawn” (CC BY 2.0) by The Epoch Times

At the end of the day, a hypothetical scenario where Pelosi is separate from impeachment proceedings changes nothing. President Trump still has done absolutely nothing wrong and shifting the inquiry away from Pelosi does nothing to erase the facts here. However, as the Democrat Party persists with this type of treasonous behavior, it will only further set the nails in their coffin for 2020 and way beyond.

What do you think about the New York Times’ op-ed? Does Pelosi’s involvement in the impeachment inquiry create a conflict of interest? Let us know in the comments section below!