Pelosi Breaks Down Following Trump Acquittal

Yesterday afternoon, the United States Senate acquitted and cleared President Trump of both articles of impeachment.

Just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to rip up her copy of the president’s State of the Union Address, less than 24 hours later, the Senate effectively tore up both bogus articles of impeachment. During an interview last month, Pelosi bragged that Trump is “impeached forever,” but he’s now also acquitted, vindicated, cleared, and exonerated forever. The sham has finally reached its end.

State of the Union 2020 by The White House, on Flickr

State of the Union 2020” (Public Domain) by The White House

In the wake of failing to remove President Trump from office, the Democrat Party had a complete meltdown, as to be expected. Pelosi, who spearheaded the impeachment sham from the jump, broke down on Twitter, lashing out at both President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as documented by Breitbart News.

The vote against the first article of impeachment for supposed abuse of power came in at 52-48, while votes against the second article claiming obstruction of justice arrived at 53-47. Of all the Republican senators, Mitt Romney was the only one to vote in favor of convicting the president; every other Republican voted to acquit.

What To Know About Pelosi’s Online Meltdown

Taking to both Twitter and Instagram, the House Speaker attacked the character of McConnell. Following the deserved acquittal of Trump, Pelosi professed that our nation’s Founding Fathers created “safeguards” designed to prevent a supposedly “rogue president.” She then branded the Senate Majority Leader as a “rogue” leader that failed to “uphold the Constitution.”

This, however, was only the beginning of the House Speaker’s lies. Her statement went on to allege that President Trump faced impeachment “with the support of a majority” of Americans. This simply isn’t accurate; countless polls have shown that more people in this country opposed impeachment than those who favored it. Moreover, as time went on, the American people became collectively less supportive of impeachment.

Pelosi then wrapped up her remarks by stating that Republican senators “betrayed” our country’s Constitution. After citing President Trump as an “ongoing threat to American democracy,” the Speaker professed that the House of Representatives will maintain their “protection” of America’s Constitution and democracy.

Truth – 1776, Pelosi – 0

The truth will always reign supreme over any lies that the House Speaker attempts to spread. McConnell is not a “rogue leader,” just as Senate Republicans did not betray our nation’s Constitution.

Pelosi is simply angry because she and other House Democrats failed to make their weak, thin, and stupid sham stick. They may have been able to ram it through the House, but they weren’t able to force it through the Senate; it’s also important to note that Pelosi’s attempt to manipulate the Senate into doing what she wanted by sitting on the articles for weeks additionally failed.

State of the Union 2020 by The White House, on Flickr

State of the Union 2020” (Public Domain) by The White House

President Trump is an innocent and cleared man. He not only remains president of the United States, but also has a clear path to winning a second term in office. The only outcome Democrats have achieved is embarrassing themselves yet again and ensuring the loss of the House majority come November. Pelosi can say whatever she wants online and on her website; it does not change the present outcome or the forthcoming ones.

What do you think of Speaker Pelosi’s online meltdown following the acquittal of President Trump? How long do you think it’ll take the Democrat Party to get over their temper tantrums? Let us know in the comments section below!