Pelosi Backs Rep. Waters Calls for Minnesota Demonstrators to “Get More Confrontational”

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In the wake of the Derek Chauvin trial, tensions are already high. Many people on the left are looking for the chance to go buck wild, riot, loot, and bring destruction to communities. 

Amid all this, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters went to Minnesota over the weekend and decided to worsen the situation. Waters had the audacity to call for demonstrations to “get more confrontational,” notably if Chauvin does not face conviction. 

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Republicans immediately came out against this. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced a censure resolution after calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act against Waters’ remarks. 

Pelosi, however, has made it clear that she won’t take punitive action against Rep. Waters inciting violence in Minnesota. The House Speaker declared earlier this week that Waters shouldn’t apologize for urging demonstrators to increase their levels of confrontation, according to Breitbart News

No Accountability from the Democrat Party

During a CNN interview on Monday, Pelosi made clear that she has no issues with the commentary from Waters. The House Speaker declared yesterday that Waters’ statements are “absolutely not” incitement of violence; she also opined that Waters should not issue an apology for her remarks in Minnesota over the weekend. 

Republicans, on the other hand, disagree with Speaker Pelosi. Yesterday, GOP Leader McCarthy accused Pelosi of “ignoring” Waters’ remarks for protesters to become more “confrontational” in the streets. The House Minority Leader then stated that since Pelosi will not act, he’s submitting a censure resolution against Waters. 

Conservative voters are additionally criticizing Pelosi for her failure to employ punitive action against Waters. Many stated that if Waters were a Republican calling for right-wing demonstrators to “get more confrontational,” the House Speaker would likely have a different reaction. 

Could Waters’ Remarks Impact the Chauvin Trial’s Outcome? 

The Chauvin trial remains ongoing. On Monday afternoon, the defense began its closing remarks; although, it didn’t take long for things to get even more interesting. 

Rep. Waters’ calls for “more confrontation” are all over the media. As a matter of fact, they even came up during the Chauvin trial. At one point, the judge overseeing the trial stated that Waters’ statements could inadvertently cause a mistrial; however, the legal proceedings have not come to a close just yet. 

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