Pantsless Man Crashed His Car Into Police Cruiser and Set It On Fire. It Did Not End Well For Him…

It’s generally common knowledge that antagonizing law enforcement officers rarely ends well. However, every now and again, there are people who decide to give it a go anyway.

Yesterday, a New York man initiated a car crash incident, arson and the attempted stabbing of police officers. As one might imagine, the consequences were not very favorable, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Incident

The situation began when the man slammed his vehicle into a police car on Sunday afternoon. Shortly thereafter, the man got out of his vehicle, incinerated both his car and the police car. It’s worth noting that during the time of the incident, the man was not wearing pants or underwear. The exact reason for his lack of attire remains unknown, however, police later noted that the perpetrator likely suffers from mental health issues.

Following the inceration of both vehicles, police officers naturally arrived on the scene. At this point, the man pulls out a foot-long knife and goes after the officers. This subsequently prompted law enforcement to open fire in self-defense.

The New York City Police Department provided additional news about what happened via Twitter:

Putting Themselves on the Line

The incident which took place on Sunday is one of many examples regarding how much police officers put their well-being and lives on the line each day. Thankfully, the situation involving the aforementioned individual was dealt with accordingly, but there are still a million different ways in which it could have gone wrong.

The individual who attacked law enforcement is currently receiving medical treatment at the NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens hospital. The police officers who shot the man in self-defense also received their own personal evaluations, but not at the same hospital as the attacker.


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